Here’s Everything About Bethesda’s RPG Starfield

Here's Everything About Bethesda's RPG game Starfield
Starfield – Credit: Bethesda

We have put together everything to know about Bethesda’s space RPG Starfield. When is the release date and what is the latest news?

Starfield has long been in the development stage and we have seen almost nothing except for the announcement trailer. And that was over three years ago. Fortunately, we know that Starfield will be on Xbox Game Pass when it launches.

From the moment of the game’s announcement, we have only heard that it will have a massive open-world map. This is only natural when you look at the other franchises Bethesda has come up with in the past. Considering the long and solid experience of the developer, which was bought by Microsoft a couple of months ago; we thought that they were close to finishing making the game. Because Todd Howard also stated that the game was somewhat playable and they have been developing it for over 10 years.

Therefore, we have been waiting for an official Starfield release date announcement.

Starfield will probably not be released in 2021

But alas, the detective of the video game world Jason Schreier said that Starfield will not be released this year. Although this was not an official statement, Schreier is a trusted gamer and a journalist and he is probably right in this case.

And when you think about Bethesda’s other games that are still in production, there might be some truth in Schreier’s words. The Elder Scrolls 6 is also in the development stage. Along with a team that is supporting Fallout 76 on a regular basis; the company is focused on lots of projects.

Some rumors state the exact opposite

Yet again, other rumors have appeared saying that the game will be released in Holiday 2021. But these were rumors without any form of evidence. And whether they are true or not, we will see in Microsoft E3 2021 presentation.

We also know that Todd Howard and his team are focused game developers as they literally saved Fallout 76 from the brink of a total failure. Now, Fallout 76 has evolved into a solid multiplayer game that takes you to a post-nuclear West Virginia. The team has been adding new content and quests to the game in order to create mini-storylines too.

Is Starfield going to be Xbox exclusive?

Rumors that Starfield is going to Xbox exclusive are backed up by many. it is quite likely if you ask us. So it might be true that Starfield will not be on PlayStation consoles. That leaves us with one true statement though. Starfield will be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers and Xbox console users for sure.

After the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft, it was announced that the game along with other Bethesda’s future titles is going to be on the Xbox Game Pass library.

What is Starfield going to be like?

Todd Howard said that Starfield is going to be the biggest and the most epic science fiction title that we could imagine. And that might be true as the game is being developed by four Bethesda studios including Montreal, Austin, Dallas, and Washington.

Although a couple of leaked images have appeared in Reddit forums, we can’t be sure if they bear any validity. A couple of ship artworks and an astronaut standing in front of a spaceship were among the images.

You would probably understand when we talk about the familiar feeling between the games of Fallout and the TES series. That long and enduring Bethesda-like vibe is there when you go through a forest in Skyrim or wander around in the post-nuclear streets of Washington.

Bethesda has released amazing open-world RPGs in the past. But we can’t be sure whether the new game follows his predecessors. As Howard said that they have been thinking about something unique to fit the epic science fiction form of the game.

Here’s the official announcement trailer

Well, thanks to the lack of official announcements and no release date Starfield feels like it might be released tomorrow or but also after a year. So we invite you to watch the official announcement trailer one more time.

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