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Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase: Everything You Need to Know

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Ruken Can Dönmez

Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase is just around the corner. We wanted to gather up everything you need to know before the highly-anticipated event. The date is June 13th and there are only hours left.

You can find the time and the specific notes of the event. If you would like to know more about E3, one of the biggest events of the year, you can check the articles on our website. There is so much exciting news that we can’t cover in just one article.

Xbox & Bethesda Showcase
Xbox & Bethesda Showcase

Time And Channels

The event will be streaming on June 13th at 10 am Pacific Time. However, the time zone is an important thing to consider. So, you better check your time zone to be able to watch it on time. Also, we will enjoy the show for 90 minutes. It might seem long but when it comes to gaming, just like all players, we can watch it for hours.
You can watch the showcase on official Xbox channels on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Youtube.
There will be other options to watch the showcase for different locations. But it would be better to do it from official channels as always. Also, the show will be streamed in 1080p at 60 fps. It would be better for you to choose the Xbox YouTube channel to watch the event. Because it offers a 4K/60 fps option.
Besides, the visual representation of the show is promising so accessing high quality will be important.

Accessibility and Notes

Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase is announced to be available in many languages. There will be subtitle support during the streaming. You can find detailed info on Facebook pages of Xbox for your country.
Also, there will be American Sign Language and Audio Description support on the show. That is a good option for each and every one of us to be able to participate.

Are you as excited as us about the event? Let us know what you think in the comments.