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How to play AlphaLink now with Online version?

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Yunus Emre

AlphaLink is a 2D multi-player arena shooter, complete with XP progress, XP, and cosmetics. This game also offers not just local multiplayer, but also an online element too. But it was not always heading in this direction.

In the early days of 2020, AlphaLink began as a solely local event that aimed to create a gaming experience for a group of players sitting on the same couch. This was logical at a time where we were accustomed to things such as games, esports as well as just having a social gathering with family and friends.

What are the features of AlphaLink?

Story: AlphaLink is an intergalactic battle arena fight to change the course in the battle of factions! Choose a faction, make your friends, and join in the battle of your life through online or local matches! Earn Galactic Credits and XP to unlock new cosmetics such as helmets, armor weapons, and more features.

  • Hub area for interaction with NPCs to discover the lore of The Kova universe.
  • Different game modes to play both local and online play
  • Leader boards and standings for the Faction.
  • Different weapons pick-ups
  • The progression system and XP
  • A wide range of cosmetics is available to make your player more unique
  • A beautiful collection of hand-painted levels

After a month, the pandemic struck hard and quickly. All were being canceled or delayed, including the very events that AlphaLink planned to attend at. For a game that was dependent on ongoing feedback from people during these events to increase its revenue an important change was needed. The team knew that an online application would pose a daunting job however, it ended up being much more complex than they had originally thought.

The back-end system was required to record every interaction and movement on the screen and then sync it in life for everyone. This is a challenge when working in 2D since everyone is seeing the same thing simultaneously all at once. But the team pulled through and not only did it, however, they also came up with a back-end inventory process that they could leverage making use of PlayFab.


With this new feature in place, the team came up with concepts for a system of progression: XP, in-game currency as well as cosmetics. The team did not stop at that point. AlphaLink also includes an all-world leaderboard which puts the three factions against one another in a constant battle to see who is at the top.

Other features that were introduced included arcade-style simulation mode bots, the central hub, appropriately called The Meatgrinder, which players can use as a jumping-off point for everything else in the game. It even has back-end linked NPCs that have changed the dialogue to further enhance the rich science fiction lore AlphaLink has been built on.


AlphaLink game also supports four players on one console like Xbox and more, but you’re going to have to bring the snacks. You can play AlphaLink now on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.