Gears 5: Operation 7 is live and everything you need to know

Gear 5: Operation 7 is live and everything you need to know
Gear 5: Operation 7

Dropping hot yesterday on May 18th, 2021, Gears 5: Operation 7 is now LIVE with a roster of new characters such as Hana Cole and Ukkon, a new map, an updated ranked system, and PVP/PVE changes.

Gears 5 Operations Recap

Launched in 2019, Gears 5 is a third-person shooter computer game developed by The Coalition and published by Xbox Game Studios for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox Series X/S.

What are Operations?

According to The Coalitions, Operations are designed to “evolve your Gears 5 Multiplayer Experience”. Very similar to the “Seasons” concept of some live service games such as Apex Legends and Fornite, they deliver new content and usually last for a couple of months before the next iteration.

Quick Summary of Updates and Changes

CHARACTERS– Operation 7 introduces two new characters

  • HANA COLE —a gifted scientist who takes an unconventional approach to solve problems. Joining Colonel Hoffman in his fight against the Swarm.
  • UKKON — Locust scientist Ukkon is responsible for genetically engineering many of the creatures that terrorized the people of Sera after E-day.

NEW MAP — Ephyra


If you like maps that are post-apocalyptic, you will definitely love what they did to the once beautiful Ephyra city block. Tip: According to Gear5, taking control of the Estemont hotel will be key to winning more games.

Competitive — An Updated Ranked System

Here’s the full summary of the updated competitive system:

  • Added Leaderboards (see picture for reference)
  • Removed Gear Points (GP) and replaced it with a total points system

More game modes to compete in

  • Control
  • Team Deathmatch
  • 2v2 Gnashers
  • Free for All (8 players)
  • Guardian

But wait…there’s more — In the next two weeks, they’ll be adding Execution 2.0 and Escalation. With each mode having a leaderboard, Gears 5 will shift to a placement system for each playlist. This leaderboard is seasonal which means they will reset at the start of each Operation. In addition, All-time leaderboards will persist across Gears 5 forever, meaning the top spot is always in play! So get to grinding.



Operation 7 Drop 1 will introduce a Field of View option across all Xbox One devices, bringing console settings in line with PC. They have also removed the crossplay option across Gears 5 as they were seeing 40% of players disabling the crossplay option. (RIP Crossplay)


For those who enjoy focusing more on their custom matches rather than the matchmade ones from Gear5, they got you covered. In Operations 7 drop 1, players will have the ability to gain multiplayer progression while playing through custom matches. Is this the best solution? You tell us.

This includes the following:

  • Multiplayer XP
  • Stars granted for time played
  • Daily and Tour of Duty Objectives
  • Ribbons


Gears 5 announced that operational 7 Drop 1 we’ll automatically convert your duplicated level 6 cards into Gear Coins!

If you’ve got any acquired duplicated cards before this update, they’re going to be converted into Gear Coins up to a complete limit of 100,000 Gear Coins. Any future cards you acquire that are level 6 and duplicate are going to be scrapped for Gear Coins.

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