Disney’s Classic Games Collection Coming to Xbox This Fall

Disney's Classic Games Collection Coming to Xbox This Fall
Disney’s Classic Games Collection Coming to Xbox This Fall

According to a small trailer shared on Youtube today, Disney’s Classic Games Collection will be coming to Xbox this fall. Also, some other platforms. However, it seems that the games of the Aladdin, Lion King, and Jungle Book series are included in this collection. Which, some of us watched and influenced when we were children, and some of us when we were young.

Jungle Book XboxThe upcoming collection will be an updated and enhanced version of previous Disney Classic Games. Unfortunately for those who have already bought Aladdin and The Lion King, these games do not offer an upgrade with these few extra titles added. This new collection will contain all 16-bit versions of Aladdin. This is good news for Aladdin enthusiasts who love the magical world of Aladdin and want a glimpse of the past. Also, this goes for the Jungle Book. You will find all 16-bit versions of it in this collection. In addition to these, many extra games and add-ons will be included in this version. Like; BTSs, lots of extra music options, and watch modes. Moreover, it will be presented more suitable for advanced consoles with its much more advanced visuals than previous Disney Classics versions.

In summary, those who yearn for old magical stories of Disney or who want to throwback to the times when they first watched these productions should get this special collection. Which, will come to Xbox consoles next fall. Be sure to stay tuned for more Xbox news. Have fun!

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