Crytek Has Officially Announced Crysis 4

Crytek Has Officially Announced Crysis 4 Coming to Xbox
Crysis 4

Crysis 4 is on its way. Crytek CEO Avni Yerli announced the new installment of the critically acclaimed shooter franchise.

After Crysis Remastered Trilogy, Crytek has started working on the new mainline entry for the series. In an announcement made by the company’s CEO, we know now that Crysis 4 is officially on its way. Yerli also added that the game is currently in its early development stage. We do not know when the highly-anticipated shooter will arrive. But it is safe to say that the new title is unlikely to be released in 2022.

Crytek partnered with Saber Interactive in order to release the remastered versions of the original trilogy. The games in the franchise have been renewed in terms of visuality and were released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft Windows. The remastered versions once again invited players to Lingshan Islands and New York, Manhattan. While they received positive reviews, the remasters did not come with new additions to gameplay and instead offered new and enhanced graphics.

Crysis 4 Trailer Hits YouTube

The anticipation for a new Crysis game has been around since the release of the third game back in 2013. Though the world of gaming never thought that there would be a new Crysis game after Cevat Yerli left the company. Crytek also had to lose some of its studios around the world and focused on Hunt: Showdown only. That said, it seems like Crytek has regained its power and is now ready to work on the next installment of the FPS series.

A video accompanies the Crysis 4 announcement as well. The 40-seconds cinematic shows a nanosuit stuck in the ground and is followed by a statement “join the journey, become the hero“.

CEO Avni Yerli added that they are looking forward to working with the community. He also added that the team at Crytek was aware of the importance in Crysis in the video game industry. Therefore, they are determined to meet the expectations in the next-gen shooter.

About Crysis

The sci-fi shooter series takes players to Lingshan Islands and allows players to assume the role of a special soldier. Equipped with an armor called nanosuit, players are able to use superhuman features like invisibility and maximum speed. As a member of the Raptor team, the task is to retrieve a scientist and understand the anomalies looming over the island chain. In the process, the player can freely move around the island and use the features of the nanosuit.

The sequel, on the other hand, takes players to New York and offers a whole new level of action in an urban setting. With nanosuit 2.0, players get to fight against the forces of CELL and also alien invaders called the SEPH.

After the ending we got in Crysis 3, we do not know how the series will continue. While we are curious about Nomad and his teammates, we are not sure how Crysis 4 will take up after the events that took place in the trilogy. We are excited and ready to join the action with a new nanosuit.

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