Atomic Heart Will Launch With Xbox Game Pass on Day One

Atomic Heart Will Launch At Xbox Game Pass on Day One
Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart will land on Xbox Game Pass on the launch day. A gameplay trailer for the upcoming game revealed at Xbox + Bethesda showcase.

The long-awaited action RPG found a place for itself in the live stream. Another gameplay trailer for the anticipated game shows amazing graphics, brutal gameplay and the bizarre world of Atomic Heart. Although they did not announce an exact release date, it is now official that Atomic Heart will launch on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Developed by Mundfish, Atomic Heart takes players to a Soviet dystopia filled with strange machines and creatures. The title depicts a Russian manufacturing facility in 1955 and offers an alternative look to our history, where the Soviets decided to destroy capitalism through biology and chemistry. You can have further information from the official website of the game as the developer unravels the lore of the game’s alternative history.

According to what we have seen in the past about the game, it looks like they had unexpected results. Now the laboratories of the Soviet Union have gone silent and players have to find out what is going on. The new trailer video shows both cinematic cutscenes and bits from gameplay as the player finds his way through quite unusual places.

We also know that the players will assume the role of special agent. The name of our protagonist is Major P-3 and we are tasked by the government to find the cause of this chaos.

Atomic Heart: Weapons, Creatures and Soviets

According to the official website of Atomic Heart, we will be able to use more than 30 weapons in the game. There is a page on the website offering a piece of information for each gun. Though you can only read the info segment of Railgun, as the description for others are still in development. But it is still great to hear.

We have also seen a 4K next-gen gameplay overview of Atomic Heart a couple of months ago. So it is safe to say that the upcoming open-world action game is going to use the potential of new-gen consoles to their fullest.

Xbox Game Pass continues to expand its amazing library filled with more than 250 games. With that said, more games will be available on the service on the same day that they launch. This is always great for the video game ecosystem around the world. And one of the most-anticipated games of the last few years t is going to be one of them as well.

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