15 Monopoly Go! Tricks That Will Make You a Real Estate Tycoon

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Tom Latham

Tired of being the shoe on the board? Ever watch your friends roll in the dough while you’re stuck slumming it in Baltic Avenue?

Monopoly nights can turn ruthless fast. But what if there was a way to snag the best properties, dominate the auctions, and become the undisputed real estate tycoon?

This isn’t some fantasy – it’s Monopoly mastery! We’re about to reveal 15 cutthroat (but legal) tricks that will transform you from a bankrupt beginner to a board-walking boss.

Ready to finally crush your friends and claim Monopoly glory?

Let’s get scheming!

1. Free Dice Links

There are multiple ways to obtain free dice in Monopoly Go! You can grab free dice from the shop, where a present icon is available every eight hours. You can earn 25 to 30 dice each time you collect these gifts thrice daily. 

Additionally, check the official Monopoly Go! wiki pages and other trusted sources that offer free dice links regularly.

2. Use the Color Wheel Boost

The Color Wheel Boost event provides an excellent opportunity to double your rewards. Save up money in advance and upgrade your landmarks when this event is active. 

Landing on properties of the same color allows you to spin the Color Wheel twice instead of once. You can increase your chances of winning dice, cash, and card packs by strategically upgrading.

3. Target Inactive Players

If you have friends who downloaded the game but don’t play much, they make ideal targets because their statues regenerate automatically. 

Attacking them repeatedly ensures steady rewards since their shields don’t regenerate, unlike active players.

4. Analyze Shield Status

Check a player’s shield status before attacking to maximize your rewards. If a board already has multiple destroyed landmarks or characters spinning around properties, it likely indicates recently depleted shields. 

Target these players to increase the chances of an unblocked attack. 

5. Master the Rule of Seven

The Rule of Seven leverages the statistical probability of rolling a seven with two dice, as it’s the most common result. Plan your moves to land on desired tiles seven spaces away, like railroads or high-reward properties. 

This strategy significantly increases your chances of hitting your targets. Use it to collect resources or score big on multipliers.

6. Trade Cards

Trading cards are essential for building valuable card collections, which unlock significant dice rewards and bonuses. Join in-game or external trading groups to find and swap duplicate cards efficiently. 

Completing card sets can yield hundreds or thousands of dice, propelling your progress. Focus on exchanging high-demand cards strategically to maximize your gains.

7. Time Sticker Booms

During Sticker Boom events, each pack you receive will offer increased cards, helping you complete sets quickly. 

Check the event timeline to ensure you log in precisely when the event begins to benefit from a full hour of increased card collection.

8. Prioritize Defense

Prioritizing defense means keeping your Shields intact to minimize losses when attacked. Shields block half of the attack rewards, discouraging repeated hits by reducing points for attackers. Maintain Shields consistently to deter others from targeting your board and avoid becoming an easy victim. 

If attacked too frequently, consider removing aggressive players from your friends list to decrease vulnerability.

9. Remove Aggressive Players

If certain players consistently attack your board, depleting your resources, remove them from your friends list. This action prevents them from finding and targeting your board again. 

Keep your friend circle manageable and remove threats quickly to limit the impact of aggressive players. A well-curated list means fewer attacks and more focused gameplay.

10. Plan Gold Card Trades

Gold cards are valuable because they offer double-star exchange rates, but can only be traded during rare Golden Blitz events. 

Maximize your collection when these events occur to prevent being stuck searching for a rare card later.

11. Spend Before Logging Off

Before logging off for extended periods, spend your in-game currency on landmark upgrades to avoid losing it to attacks. Unused money can attract aggressive players, leaving you vulnerable when you’re away. 

By investing wisely before exiting, you can continue progressing while minimizing losses. A proactive approach protects your assets and maintains momentum.

12. Leverage Multiple Events

When there are three simultaneous events, your rolls will align with bonus rewards that make playing more rewarding. 

Tournaments, color wheel boosts, and special events often synchronize their rewards, giving you a much bigger return.

13. Save Dice for Key Moments

Reserve your dice for strategic events or crucial milestones to maximize their impact. Using them during high-reward events like tournaments or color boosts ensures you receive optimal bonuses. 

Timing your dice rolls carefully can lead to significant payouts, helping you unlock new landmarks or win valuable prizes. Plan to utilize your dice when they yield the greatest benefits.

14. Use Community Resources

To stay up-to-date and share knowledge with fellow players, join online communities, such as Facebook groups or forums. These platforms often feature card trading, event insights, and strategies that can help you progress faster. 

Utilize these networks to exchange tips, find trade partners, and learn about time-sensitive opportunities. Leveraging community resources can significantly improve your Monopoly Go! experience.

15. Track Tournament Rewards

Monitor tournament rewards closely, as they can significantly boost your progress with extra dice, cards, and coins. Pay attention to the leaderboard and understand the reward tiers to strategize your gameplay accordingly. 

Completing tasks and maximizing points will help you secure the highest rewards. Make the most of these tournaments to advance faster and earn valuable prizes.