Xbox Shares the Latest Updates to Game Pass and More

Xbox Shares the Latest Updates to Game Pass and More

Xbox has announced exciting updates to make the whole journey even better. These updates include new features on Xbox Game Pass and are intended to refine the experience, based on players’ feedback.

This release includes achievement tracking on game detail pages and leaderboards in the Xbox mobile app. New game recommendations and collections based on your past on Xbox Game Pass are also seen as one of the updates of this month. Furthermore, they added the feature to suspend your active game to speed up downloads and some more features.


Xbox listened to their fans’ voices as they keep on evolving the Xbox mobile app. They valued the feedback on bringing achievements back to the app. As the studies completed, select gamers can check out monthly leaderboards to see how they rank against friends. It is also stated that the ability to view achievements on game detail pages to help track progress will be added too. These updates will be seen by everyone by the end of the month.

Play Xbox Game Pass games with friends

Playing with friends got easier and more fun with Xbox Game Pass. Play with Friends option now will appear when friends are playing any Xbox Game Pass game. You can either join a multiplayer game session at the moment or begin installing the game.

New game recommendations and collections coming to Xbox Game Pass

Players can now begin to explore new recommendations and collections in Game Pass. You can discover another gem based on your gameplay history with “Because you played” or find a game to play with friends in “Multiplayer”. In addition to this, the Xbox team is adding even more collections like first-person shooters, science fiction, horror, sandbox, mystery, anime, fantasy, cute, and many more. You’ll always find something to suit your mood with all these collections landing in the Game Pass hub.

Suspend game and speed up downloads

Suspend game and speed up downloads

It is stated that players can download their games as quickly as possible with the new suspend game feature in “My Games & Apps”. Today, the queue warns when the active game is slowing download speeds. From now on you’ll have the option to suspend your active game in order to free up bandwidth and get the most efficient download speeds.  Moreover, you can continue your game whenever you want to play again with Quick Resume”.


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