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Xbox Game Pass Family Plan might be in the works

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Microsoft might be working on Xbox Game Pass Family Plan. The new subscription plan is rumored to launch before the year ends. It will offer access to family members at a lower price.

The software colossus continues to expand the range of its amazing gaming service. The ever-growing games library of Xbox Game Pass grants access to hundreds of titles. With new games being added each month, Game Pass is the ultimate gaming platform for players around the world. And it comes with three different subscription plans. They are Ultimate, for Console and PC Game Pass.

The gamer-friendly subscription service has been around since 2017. While it gained millions of new subscribers in the last 5 yewars, Microsoft has not announced a subscription plan tailored for a family. Netflix or Spotify, on the other hand, do come with different subscription plans. They offer the chance to share access across a household at a relatively lower price. After almost 5 years, it seems like the tech giant is also taking a similar step for its gaming service.

Xbox Game Pass Family Plan might be in the works


The reports indicate that a new subscription plan for the platform is on its way. Based on exclusive reports, Microsoft is now working on Xbox Game Pass Family Plan. The new plan will be a lot more suitable for those who live in the same household. And it will be a better option for families as it will probably come at a lower price.

Microsoft has been planning to come up with the Family Plan for some time, says the rumors. The exclusive reports tell that it will arrive before the year ends.

Xbox Game Pass Family Plan will grant access to five gamers

According to Windows Central, the new subscription plan will give access to five players in the same household. Naturally, it will be cheaper for a family as it removes the obligation of paying for multiple subscriptions. The info also tells that the new plan will be similar to Office 365 Family Account, granting access to family members who live in the same country. So it is not only for people who live in the same household, of course.

That being said, we do not know how Microsoft will go ahead with this new plan. There might be a separate family option for every subscription tpye. Though it is also possible for Microsoft to offer a single new subscription plan similar to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Engadget also communicated with Microsoft for confirmation. A spokesperson replied with the following statement in their mail:

“We are always keen on improving the experience of Xbox Game Pass. We run tests on a regular basis and refine the current features of the service. All of these are based on the feedback of our community. However, we currently do not have anything to announce.”

The reply has not revealed anything regarding the new feature. Though it is safe to say that Microsoft has been cooking up the new plan for some time. And it is highly likely that we will hear about it in the next weeks. Considering that PlayStation announced its rival subscription system PlayStation Plus, Xbox is sure to come up with new announcements.

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