Phil Spencer Talks About Obsidian’s Upcoming RPG Avowed

Phil Spencer Talks About Obsidian's Upcoming RPG Avowed

Microsoft’s head of Xbox division Phil Spencer talks about Obisidan’s new game Avowed. What do we know about the upcoming RPG?

Obsidian Entertainment is one of the most experienced game developers out there and it has been a part of Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios since November 2018. Before the acquisition, the company has created brilliant games like The Outer Worlds, Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas, and many other titles that offer unforgettable experiences in the RPG genre. Considering their amazing addition to the world of video games, it is only natural for gamers to get their hopes up for their new game, Awoved.

It Will Be Different Than Skyrim, Says Phil Spencer

The information we have about Avowed is a bit scarce though. We only know that the game will be available on Xbox Series X and Series S in addition to PC. We also know that the game will take place in the same universe as the Pillars of Eternity games. Recently, Microsoft’s head of gaming and Xbox division Phil Spencer has given us new details about the upcoming fantasy RPG and also addressed the comments regarding the game as a “The Elder Scrolls clone.”

“Avowed will be an amazing entrance to the genre of core fantasy RPG. It will definitely have solid differences from The Elder Scrolls series and what they have offered in the past. My plan is to give the team behind the game all the time and resources they need. Because I also want the game to be the best product of Obsidian Entertainment.”

The reason why people thought the game would be similar to the Elder Scrolls is probably related to the reveal trailer. The video below shows a warrior using magic with one hand and holding a sword in another. And when you think about a medieval fantasy RPG, the first game to come to mind is usually an Elder Scrolls game. The head of Xbox has cleared the way and said that the game will be quite different from Skyrim. Now we will only have to wait and see the new details from Avowed.

Avowed Release Date and What to Expect

We do not have an exact release date for the game as of June 2021. Considering that the development is in its early or mid stages, the earliest possible release date might be the first quarter of 2023. Though you can have a short glimpse of the world of Eora from the announcement video below.

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