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New Screen Attachment Promises Portability to Xbox Series S

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Gunduz Dogan

Independent hardware developer UPspec Gaming promises to turn the Xbox Series S into a portable device. It will do this with a screen attachment named xScreen.

Developer Company aims to turn Microsoft‘s Xbox Series S into a semi-portable console with the xScreen add-on. Many Series S users will be able to use their consoles comfortably in many places with this new accessory. It’s clear that they’re aiming to be one of the first major third-party accessories released for Microsoft’s new console.

New Screen Attachment Promises Portability to Xbox Series S
New Screen Attachment Promises Portability to Xbox Series S

What innovations does this add-on promise us?

For instance, PlayStation and Nintendo have released multiple handheld consoles over the years. Microsoft has never released official portables in the Xbox hardware family. Yet, it’s exciting for Xbox gamers to be able to play their favorite games without being constrained by the home environment. Especially when Xbox gamers don’t expect an alternative to traditional games in the near future.While Microsoft has made some strides with xCloud game streaming for mobile. There may still be room in the market for more tactile and reliable mobile gaming options to enjoy Xbox games.

With Upscpec Gaming thirty-second video, it looks like it plugs directly into the Xbox Series S‘s HDMI port. Besides, with this Xbox Series S attachment, you don’t need a separate power supply. However, this video has not yet said anything about the music-supporting or video and audio quality of the two speakers on the top of the device. Also, the video centers around different scenarios where xScreen can come in handy. Especially social ones. The xScreen shown in the video is said to be just a prototype and a retail-ready model. It will be developed through a Kickstarter campaign launched in the summer of 2021.

So what kind of details does the video contain?

For now, this short trailer doesn’t offer many details. Look forward to the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for this Xbox Series S attachment. However, we can still expect it to live up to expectations. Without much information on xScreen’s onboard sound or build quality. It might be hard to generate much excitement for the new device in the coming weeks. While UPspec Gaming may have a hard time inspiring consumer confidence by making a fresh entry into the world of gaming hardware with no off-the-shelf products under its name, though, perhaps xScreen’s Kickstarter launch will change that. We sincerely hope that as all Xbox Series S users.

In the light of all the information we have mentioned, we should add that we are not sure yet, but we hope for the best. As a result, Microsoft, which promises us different innovations and big changes every day, stated that it is open to many innovations, especially Xbox. As we hear more news, we will continue to share it with you. Stay tuned.