New Greedfall Expansion and Gold Edition Will Be On Xbox Series X/S

New Greedfall Expansion and Gold Edition Will Be On Xbox Series X/S
Greedfall Expansion

Greedfall is coming to Xbox Series X/S with a new expansion and gold edition. On June 30, the game will be playable on Xbox Series X/S.

GreedFall is an action role-playing game developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game takes place in a fantasy setting from the early 17th century. With its visuals and gameplay reminiscent of a Medieval story, it has been at the beginning of the games that many Gamers have added to their libraries since September 2019 for Xbox One. In addition, it was promised that it would come for the next generation of Xbox consoles back then.

Greedfall for Xbox Series X/S
Greedfall for Xbox Series X/S


Synopsis of Greedfall

The game takes place in an island paradise discovered with the help of magic and monsters. It is discovered by colonial powers from fictional lands of several different nations. Players bring to life the character of De Sardet, a Human who recently arrived on the island and is not sympathetic to either side. This way, you can either ally with the natives living in the country and fight alongside them, or ally with any of the foreign nations competing to conquer and colonize this “new” country.


Game; De Sardet, with settlers, mercenaries, and treasure hunters, attempts to explore a remote island populated by indigenous people trying to resist the invaders. Rumor has it that supernatural beings are guarding the island. The game has a plot based on planning, strategy, and diplomacy. Every decision made by the player directly affects the story of the game. In addition, the decisions made also affect the relationship between the different groups established on the island.

Greedfall for Xbox Series X/S
Greedfall for Xbox Series X/S

The colonial RPG game Greedfall has finally been announced to be coming to Xbox Series X/S on June 30. In addition, the Gold Edition of the game will be released on the same day. Also, there is a new expansion pack. The game will also offer extra features such as 4K resolution, improved visuals, fast loading, and 60 FPS in performance mode for Xbox Series X/S consoles.

The expansion, The de Vespe Conspiracy, will also cover the Teer Fradee region. And, this region is waiting to be explored. The game, which also expands its basic story, seems to include fighting new enemies and collecting new equipment. It seems that this island waiting to be discovered. Although it has already been discovered. Besides, it contains different secrets and mysterious creatures, and with new additions, it seems that it will fuel the desire of the players to explore. They will be available separately from the De Vespe Conspiracy expansion and Gold Edition. Also, both will come to Xbox One as well.

There is also surprising news for those who already have the base game on Xbox One. These people will be able to have the Xbox Series X/S version for free.

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