Microsoft Continues to Work on Xbox Game DVR Issues

Microsoft Continues to Work on Xbox Game DVR Issues

Have you had enough with the Xbox Game DVR issues? Well, you are certainly not alone. Microsoft is continuing to work on the Xbox Game DVR issues. Let’s recap the problem for context:

Last month, a lot of Xbox users were having trouble with their Game DVR. The problem was when users who went to see their clips were met with an unfortunate dark screen — ruining the clip. Now, this didn’t happen all the time, and in fact, it only happened sporadically. However, that is what is even more frustrating about the problem as you never know when the issue is going to happen. And if the clip happens to be an amazing moment in your clip that you wanted to share with the world, then “oof” becomes even bigger.

Twitter to the Rescue

Well, Microsoft has heard your pleas and is working on improving it. In the following video by one particular user took to Twitter to share their experience on the problem. You can see that the clip is practically unviewable as the darkness levels are too high.

The Twitter post caught the attention of Jason Ronald, who is the director of project management at Microsoft (Praise to the power of Twitter). In the exchange, Ronald provided some insights on the matter, claiming:

Having had a similar experience with this for a while now, it is indeed a breath of fresh air to finally have some reassurance. Now the hope is that the issue gets fixed soon so people can start enjoying their clips.

Potential Troubleshooting and Quick Fix

Here are a few troubleshooting scenarios to go over if you are experiencing issue recording games on your Xbox:

  • Check your games – This might not be readily apparent to a lot of people. However, some games do actually disable your recording capabilities by default. Because of this restriction, you won’t be able to make clips out of these titles.
  • Shorter than expected clips – in some instances, you might notice that your clips were shorted than you had expected. Don’t worry, there might be a few factors at play here:
    • Time outside of the game is removed – any time you spend outside of the game, such as backing out into the home screen, will not be recorded.
    • Some Game publishers disable recordings for segments of a game – sometimes the game publisher designed it in a way that you aren’t able to record a certain game segment for a variety of reasons. This could range from game spoilers to views of a player.
    • Capturing record clips at 720p: for most games that are recorded, the Xbox will allow up to 5 minutes of recording per clip at 720p. If you want a higher resolution, then it may be shorter than 5 minutes. 
  • If none of these work – Try these: 
    • Try to power cycle your console
    • Ensure that capturing is enable: Profile & system > Settings > Preferences > Capture & share. Under Allow game captures, make sure that either Captures by me or Captures by me or games is selected.
    • Delete some older clips – save those clips on the cloud or a backup drive somewhere and delete them to make room.
    • Pray to the Xbox Gods.

Have you or anyone else been affected by this Game DVR issue? Or do you have some other problems? Let us know!

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