Man Eater: Truth Quest 5 New Features Revealed

Man Eater Truth Quest DLC

For over a year, the team at Tripwire has been hard at work on the Man Eater: Truth Quest DLC for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

What is The Man Eater: Truth Quest DLC?

Maneater’s narrator Trip Westhaven is the one who follows Maneater as he spirals into madness when he discovers a secret military base just off the coast from Port Clovis. Trip needs your help to uncover the truth behind the scenes. This is a government conspiracy? Trip has lost his marbles. To find out, you’ll need to play.

The team at Tripwire Interactive has created tons of new gameplay mechanics that allow players to explore, eat, and grow in the game. 

5 Features of Man Eater: Truth Quest

1. The Prologue

Even if the DLC hasn’t been purchased, you still have content to look forward to! You’ll find an intro episode when you start Maneater. This helps to set the scene for Truth Quest.

2. Atomic Evolution

This Hammerhead-inspired evolution is prominently featured in the key art of Truth Quest. It packs an extraordinary punch and adds many new abilities to the main shark. A radioactive blast emerges from the shark’s mouth! Dr. Dr. Evil would be proud.

3. Plover Island

Plover Island, a military island that is steeped in mystery and intrigue, is Trip Westhaven’s obsession. Are there any evidence of extraterrestrials? Is wildlife being manipulated? Is it possible that we did actually land on the Moon in 1969? Or is Trip simply treading water?

4. Hidden Objectives

There are many “Questers”, or people who love Trip Westhaven’s video series, scattered around the Plover Island military compound. They’ll reward you if you’re alert enough to spot them. Tin foil is all you need.

5. New Objective Types

Are you ready for a Maneater test? To do this, the “Failure of Communicate” and “Time Trial” have been created. These two new objectives are designed to challenge your maneuvering skills both inside and outside of combat.

Summary of Man Eater

Man Eater is an action-role-playing game on Xbox Game Pass that takes place from a third-person viewpoint. The player takes control of a baby shark shark and must revenge on Scaly Pete, a shark hunter who murdered its mother and disfigured it.

There are several basic attacks that the shark can use to stun its enemies. These include charging at them, siloing in the water, and whipping them with its tail. The shark can also make use of its surroundings to gain combat advantages such as using a swordfish for a spear.

To obtain nutrients, the shark must hunt other aquatic animals such as turtles and fish in order to eat them. You can also use the players to attack people by wrecking ships and yachts, or knocking them off their jet skis. The player must provide enough nutrients for the shark to gain new abilities.

The shark will gradually evolve into an adult “mega”, and players have advanced customization options, such as shadow armor, external bone plates and electromagnetic spikes, to enhance their shark combat skills.

You can play as the shark and explore Port Clovis’ open world. It consists of eight regions:

  • Caviar Keys
  • Crawfish Bay
  • Dead Horse Lake
  • Fawtick Bayou
  • Golden Shores
  • Prosperity Sands
  • Sapphire Bay is the Gulf

Hidden landmarks can be found and side objectives completed. Each region will have its own predators that will kill the shark. These predators include alligators and sperm whales as well as barracuda and alligators. These predators are larger and more distinctive than the normal species. They include a great barracuda and a shortfin mako as well as an American alligator, great hammerhead, great white, orca and an albino-sperm whale.

These predators can be defeated and the player will gain special skills. The world is reactive. Human bounty hunters will be sent to hunt down the shark as it creates more havoc. Additional rewards will be given to the shark if it manages to kill any of the ten named hunters.

Trip Westhaven, a voice actor for Chris Parnell, is the game’s narrator. He also hosts an in-game reality TV program called Maneaters vs. Sharkhunters and guides the player through the entire game.

(Age Restricted Video on YouTube)

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