Is Lost Ark Coming to Xbox or other consoles? Everything we know

Is Lost Ark Coming to Xbox or other consoles? Everything we know about Xbox
Lost Ark

These days one of the most popular MMORPG is Lost Ark launched on Steam this week for the PC version. As a game that is free to play. Early access has been granted to some players, and it has a” “Positive” review on Steam and, in fact, it’s already among Steam’s biggest games ever before the full launch.

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If you’re thinking about the possibility of a Lost Ark console release chances are you will need to keep asking questions. Smilegate hasn’t made any official statements regarding the possibility of releasing Lost Ark on consoles at some point in the near future However, for the global launch outside of Korea the game’s designers are solely focused on PC. This is similar to Amazon Games’ other MMORPG, New World game.

Is Lost Ark coming to Xbox?

Also, you’ve got an answer to this currently via the official Lost Ark website, which declares the following “Lost Ark is available only on PC” There is no mention of other platforms like consoles.

There is no agreement on Xbox coming in near time, so could that mean that it won’t ever be on Xbox? We don’t know. Amazon published the game as it did the game last year’s New World and it was revealed in September of 2021 when it was announced that New World will be available exclusively on PC and that gave us a glimpse of the possibility of an Xbox version in the near future.

Is Lost Ark coming to Xbox?

As the anticipation is growing and console gamers are clamoring to get a piece from the fun. Given that the beta and alpha previews are only accessible on PC and Mac, there are some wondering if we’ll see the game coming on Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation consoles. At present, you’ll need to be able to participate in Lost Ark through Steam. Be sure to connect your Steam accounts to Twitch to be eligible for an initial round of The Lost Ark Twitch Drops, too.

However, it does provide limited controller support in case you’re not a fan of using a keyboard or mouse it’s at least the option to do

Do you think Lost Ark release on other consoles?

Unfortunately, Lost Ark will not get a console-based version. As is clearly stated in the FAQ section on the official website for the game it remains only a PC exclusive. In response to”yes” to the query “will it only be available on PC?” the devs declare “yes, Lost Ark will only be accessible only on PC.” It is a mirror of the current exclusivity of the game’s platform across Russia in addition to Korea.

It’s possible. Smilegate did not rule out it entirely, and many of their games from the past are available on consoles. Final Assault released on PC and PS4 in 2019, for instance as well as CrossfireX is scheduled to be released for Xbox One and Xbox Series.

The key difference is the amount of effort needed to transfer Lost Ark to other consoles. Smilegate will require dedicated servers in order to run it and to integrate online functions into PlayStation or Xbox. This is a significant amount of additional work and expense, particularly when you consider that Lost Ark has already been playing in the world of PC for a couple of years in different countries.

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