Huge Internet Outage Caused Big Websites to Collapse

Huge Internet Outage Caused Big Websites to Collapse
Internet Outage Caused Big Websites

A huge internet outage caused big websites to collapse and also some banks and government services disabled by it. Like PlayStation Network, Steam, Airbnb, American Express, etc. popular sites affected by this outage.

Downdetector, an outage monitoring site, announced on Thursday that these popular sites are experiencing major outages. Users of these websites could not access the sites during the outage. Although the websites are very popular and big, some of them having problems resolving the issue. For example one of the biggest gaming services is Steam. When users try to access this site, they faced a “Service unviable – DNS failure” message.

Meanwhile, Sony made a statement about the outage and the problem of not being able to log in to PlayStation Network Services. The company says: “The PlayStation Network Service is running, but you may experience problems due to an internet-wide issue that is not related to us.”

Huge Internet Outage Caused Big Websites to Collapse
Huge Internet Outage Caused Big Websites to Collapse

The Cause Is Unknown

It is not yet clear what the main source of the problem is. But experts think there’s a problem with major internet providers like Akamai and Amazon. Downdetector shows Amazon Web Service users reporting ongoing outages. Also, major DNS provider Akamai announced on Thursday that it was experiencing problems with its Edge DNS.

Akamai has reported that there is a problem with the Edge DNS service and will fix these issues as soon as possible. Also, the company said that if its users encounter this problem, they can get help from Akamai technical service.

Websites Are Working On It

Some security experts emphasize that Edge is responsible for what happened. However, Akamai recently changed its status from “problematic” to “working”. So this big issue could be resolve soon and users of these popular sites will be able to access the sites. The extent of this outage will be revealed in full soon. However, when we look at it now, it seems that this is not a small issue. If the problem is not fully resolved, internet users may face interruption again.

We will follow the developments regarding the huge internet outage causing websites to collapse. We will share the details of the issue with you.

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