Four Top Tips every New Xbox Gamer Needs to know About

If you are thinking of buying your first Xbox and are eager to start gaming, then your head will be buzzing with ideas about which games and accessories to buy. You have probably heard about the most famous games available on Xbox – the Call of Duty series, Grand Theft Auto and Forza immediately spring to mind – but there are hundreds of other titles besides.

This can make it difficult to know where to begin, and even cause you to get confused and give up if you don’t know much about gaming.

However, turning your back on Xbox gaming would be a tremendous shame, because as millions of fans would attest, it can be a whole heap of fun.

Indeed, once you have some basic experience with gaming, a whole world of exploration will present itself in front of you. From meeting friends in online multiplayer lobbies, to losing yourself in deeply immersive role-playing games like the Elder Scrolls series, Xbox can be deeply rewarding.

Therefore, it is worth reading a few top gaming tips to help you when you get started with Xbox gaming.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Gift cards are a great present request

If you are just starting out on your gaming journey, then you have probably already noticed that it can be very expensive. Therefore, it is sensible to look for ways to reduce this cost in a number of different areas.

You could, for example, look for a more affordable second-hand Xbox console to start with. While perhaps not an ideal long-term solution, it will give you a useful introduction into what gaming is like, and whether it is ultimately for you.

Alternatively, you could ask for an OffGamers Xbox live gift card on special occasions like Christmas, or your birthday. This both allows you to choose from a range of games and add-ons, and helps your friends and family know what to buy you.

2. Find friends who already play Xbox

Another great tip to remember is that gaming can be at its best when it is a social affair.

While gaming can be enjoyable when you are alone in a room by yourself (it can be particularly cathartic after a long day at work), nothing beats the thrill of playing with like-minded friends, or even new acquaintances you meet along the way.

If you don’t know anyone who enjoys playing Xbox online, then you could consider joining a specialist forum, or simply chat to people in multiplayer game lobbies, which are always colorful experiences.

3. Make it safe for children

While your Xbox might just be for you, you need to make sure that it is safe for all of the family to use if younger people or children have access to your console. Some games involve adult themes, violence, and bad language, so it is best to protect young children from this. By going to your ‘settings’ and then ‘account’ and then ‘family,’ you can create ‘child’ accounts that will restrict the content that children can see, so it is age-appropriate.

4. Beware of eye strain

Lastly, you should be wary of your eyes, as prolonged screen time can lead to eye strain.

This uncomfortable condition, which is commonly triggered by excessive exposure to screens, is especially in badly lit environments. While not a serious medical issue, it can prevent you from playing Xbox until your eyes recover, which is not ideal.

To minimize your chances of straining your eyes, be sure to take regular breaks from the screen, avoid playing on a day where you have already had a lot of exposure to screens, and light the room you are playing in properly.

There you have it, four tips every new Xbox gamer needs to know. From connecting with your friends to making your new console safe for all of the family to use, avoiding eyestrain, and the best presents to ask for now you are an Xbox owner, the above points are some of the essential things you need to know.

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