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Control on Xbox Game Pass could finally be happening

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Control on Xbox Game Pass

You might recall that, roughly one year ago, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer let it slip that Control on Xbox Game Pass was just around the corner. Fast forward to today, however, and — well, it still hasn’t happened. A new tease from the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account is giving fans hope that Remedy’s critically acclaimed sci-fi action title could soon join the lineup. Let’s hope this isn’t another instance of Microsoft “misspeaking.”

As you can see, an email from the ultra-fictional Melissa McGamepass mentions something about a “sinister red light.” This could reference the otherworldly presence known in Control as “The Hiss.” Fans and many other outlets seem convinced the title being talked about is indeed Remedy’s latest. And by the looks of it, Control — or whatever game this ends up being — is on track to get a December announcement.

I suppose the biggest question here (if Control does end up being added) is this: which version will Game Pass subscribers get? The Xbox Series X and S could run the last-gen version of Control thanks to backward compatibility. The new Ultimate Edition, however, packs in all the game’s DLC and will also offer native upgrades on Xbox Series X/S sometime in 2021. That latter version could be more effective at selling Xbox fans on Microsoft’s newest consoles.

December is just a day away at this point, so perhaps we’ll get an announcement about Control as soon as tomorrow. Be sure to check back for more news.

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