Best 6 Zombie Games on Xbox One – Fear the Walking Dead

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Kerem Dogan Karakoc

What are the best zombie games on Xbox One? Here are some of the best titles for all your undead-slaying needs on Xbox.

Killing zombies has been such a unique feeling that we have never succeeded in getting rid of this genre. There’s always a zombie game waiting to be released at some point in the future. They have been in almost every form of entertainment. From movies to video games, the zombie apocalypse concept does not seem like it will go away in the near future. As the genre itself has always been popular, it is only natural that you might be missing some great titles with zombie themes.

That’s why we came up with this list to provide you with a couple of great options. Here are the best zombie games on Xbox One that you can play right now.

World War Z: Aftermath

With the latest Aftermath expansion pack, the amazing zombie shooter has become one of the best titles of the genre. The game offers an immersive experience thanks to its horde feature that allows hundreds of zombies to swarm you and your teammates. With the new upgrade, players are now able to change between TPS and FPS modes alongside a shield that will protect you against the undead.

Developed by Saber Games, World War Z invites you to the apocalypse and takes you to iconic locations around the world. From Jerusalem to New York City and Tokyo to Marseille; it is safe to say World War Z is one of the best games on Xbox One.

Dying Light

Clearly one of the best zombie shooters, Dying Light offers fast-paced gameplay in an interactive open world filled with the undead. If this game has been waiting on your backlog, it is definitely the right time to jump into it as the sequel is on its way.

Even though it is an older title, Dying Light combines a detailed open world, a successful crafting system, and impressive combat mechanics. It is definitely a timeless game that will continue offering a great experience in years to come. Definitely give this game a chance and do not forget to play the DLC as well.

State of Decay 2

The last member of the State of Decay franchise invites you to an apocalyptic open-world where you have to stay alive through crafting and looting. Unlike the other titles in this list, State of Decay 2 encourages players to use the potential of the environment as every corner might be hiding another item that might be key to your survival. It also comes with decent gunplay that will keep you attached to the combat mechanics.

That being said, a co-op feature is almost inevitable in zombie games as it allows you to group up with your friends and survive together. State of Decay 2 supports up to 3 players co-op mode and offers a smoother experience with its Juggernaut Edition as well.

Resident Evil 2

Return to Racoon City once more and assume the role of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they try to escape from this city boiling with infected citizens. A remake of the 1998 game, Resident Evil 2 is an amazing title that doesn’t only stay faithful to its predecessor but also offers innovations in terms of gameplay and presentation.

It has outsold the original game with the same name and has a selling record of eight million copies. If you want to experience a solid zombie story, definitely consider giving this successful remake a chance.

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is developed by Turtlerock Studios who also worked on the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead. If you are looking for something similar to the Left 4 Dead franchise, Back 4 Blood is the game that you are looking for.

As a spiritual successor to L4D games, Back 4 Blood offers everything for your zombie-slaying needs. Lots of maps, weapons, co-op features, challenging stages, and with a new cards system; Back 4 Blood is your ultimate co-op zombie shooter. And it is available on Xbox Game Pass.

The Walking Dead

If you are into the more atmospheric side of a zombie apocalypse instead of pure shooting and slaying, The Walking Dead will be your cup of tea for sure. As one of the classics in the world of gaming, these episodic stories are ultimately emotional roller coasters filled with plot twists and scary moments that will leave a mark in your memory.

With its powerful narrative style, amazing characters and well-designed dialogue system, The Walking Dead is an essential series to experience if you are into the genre.

These are some of the best zombie games on Xbox One that you can play right now.