Apex Legends Season 9 Review July 2021

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Leon Cho

Ever since Apex Legends came out in early 2019, it has been a hit in the FPS gaming community. With new updates and consistent features being added into the mix, you could say it’s come a long way. Or has it?

With so many things that have changed since its launch, the new Genesis Event is bringing back an entire wave of nostalgia. With fan-favorite maps such as King’s Canyon (Season 0) and World’s Edge (Pre-meltdown era), the event is already bringing back some fond (and cringe) memories for Apex Legends veterans. And for new players who have just recently entered the scene, consider it as a new map and explore the amazing Battle Royale world.

Going Back to Where it All Began- Apex Legends Genesis Event

This current season, the Apex Legends Genesis event brings players back to where it all started with the Legacy Maps Apex Takeover. The event brings back Season 0 Kings Canyon and Season 3 World’s Edge for a limited time that runs until July 13th, 2021. So if you haven’t already, now would be time to call in some friends and head back to where it all began.

That’s right, Skull town is back in business with the Season 0 Kings Canyon map. The two maps (Kings Canyon and World’s Edge) will be available on normal Trios and Duo on a 1-hour rotation along with Olympus.

Let’s Talk Valkyrie

If you have been playing Apex Legends Season 9 at all, you have most likely encountered a few Valkyries. However, before we dive right into our review of her character, let’s get to know her a little more.

Being the daughter of the infamous Apex Predator Viper in Titanfall, Valkyrie is no stranger to the dangerous Apex games environment. There was heavy anticipation of her release from both Apex Legends and Titanfall fans alike.

Luckily for many of us, Respawn did an amazing job at creating a legend that was both fun to play and had a solid abilities loadout. Her abilities make her an extremely versatile character to play regardless of playstyle. And to be very honest, it’s really fun to see enemies scattering after you launch your missiles at them (not too much if you are on the receiving end).

While her movements and jetpack (passive) take a bit of time to master, it is an extremely useful ability to get onto high grounds or make a tactical escape. Overall, this is a solid legend. The only criticism on here would be that her Tactical: Cluster Missiles have a longer cooldown to prevent them from being overused. What do you think?

More Than Just a Battle Royale Game

While Apex Legends might have just started out as just another battle royale game where everyone shoots at each other, it is quickly developing into something more.

With an interesting storyline and background stories about the legends, Apex Legends has become an immersive experience for many players. While the idea of shooting targets and getting those exhilarating kills might be the highlight of the game, there’s a bigger story that each season builds up to. In addition, it has completely shifted its direction from being solely just a battle royale game with the introduction of Arenas in this season.

8/10 Apex Legends Season 9

With this new game feature, players are able to queue up with two other players and face off on a 3v3 match. The concept of this idea attracted many players who were feeling burnt out in the battle royale scenes and wanted a fresh new way to play their favorite game. And I don’t blame them, Apex Legends is pretty much all about 5th partying others right now. You can fire a gun, and within 10 seconds, 2 more squads will pull up.

The game has a solid amount of new content to keep things interesting and the re-introduction of the old maps was a pleasant experience. However, the game does run into a lot of server issues and constantly leaves players staring at a connection lost screen. With those in mind, I would be rating Apex Legends Season 9 with an 8/10.

Here is a Breakdown of the Apex Legends Genesis Patch Notes:

Rewards Track

Not the best rewards track that Apex Legends has had to offer. While the Rewards do feature rare gun skins and attachments, it still leaves a lot to be desired compared to previous rewards.

Revenants Heirloom

This new heirloom will be available for crafting in the heirloom shop after the Genesis event. However, if you are still trying to get an heirloom…you are not alone. Still, the heirloom design is seriously killing it and feels appropriate for the murderous robot.

For more details about the Season 9 Genesis patch notes and updates, visit their official website here.

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