15 Vintage Consoles You Need To Dig Out Of Your Attic

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Bilal Javed

Are you sitting on a hidden treasure trove in your attic without realizing it?

Many of us have old boxes filled with forgotten gadgets, but what if some of those dusty old video game consoles could be worth hundreds, or even thousands of dollars?

That’s right, your nostalgic trip down memory lane might turn into a lucrative adventure.

As vintage gaming becomes more popular, the value of old consoles and games is skyrocketing, making it a fantastic time to dig through your old collections. 

Each piece could be a potential goldmine, from the iconic first edition Nintendo Game Boy to the rare Red Sea Crossing Atari game. 

In this article, we uncover 15 vintage consoles that are not just pieces of technology, but valuable collectibles that could significantly boost your bank account. 

1. Nintendo Mega Man Cartridge

Check your attic for an original Nintendo Mega Man video game cartridge, especially if it’s still factory-sealed. These cartridges have become highly coveted collector’s items.

A sealed version recently sold for a whopping $75,000, reflecting the high demand among game collectors and enthusiasts for such rare items.

2. Atari 2600 Console

The Atari 2600 is more than just an old-school gaming console; it’s a valuable collectible, particularly if it’s still in its original packaging.

Factory-sealed units have been known to fetch thousands of dollars, with some rare game cartridges selling for over $10,000. This makes it a potentially lucrative find in your attic.

3. PlayStation 2 Snow White Edition

A limited manufacturing run and a beautiful glossy finish make the PlayStation 2 Snow White Edition stand out.

In the collector’s market, this popular console version can fetch up to $1,000. If you own one of these, it’s well worth dusting off for a potential sale.

4. Apple Macintosh Computer

If you come across one in your attic, don’t overlook an Apple Macintosh from 1984. Thanks to this innovative computer, many were first exposed to the graphical user interface and mouse control.

A functioning unit can bring in up to $2,000. Collectors and tech enthusiasts highly prize these machines for their historical significance and groundbreaking features.

5. Apple iPhone 2G

The Apple iPhone 2G, particularly an unopened 8GB model with its original packaging, is a collector’s treasure, having sold for more than $4,500.

This model marked the beginning of the modern smartphone era, making it a significant and valuable piece of technology history.

6. Nintendo Game Boy

If you find an old Nintendo Game Boy, particularly in good condition or still sealed in its original box, you might be sitting on a valuable piece.

These handheld consoles can be worth anywhere from £120 to £500, with prices increasing for units in better condition or with rare features. Their nostalgia factor makes them highly sought after in the vintage gaming market.

7. Nintendo PlayStation Prototype

The Nintendo PlayStation prototype is an extremely rare and valuable piece due to the brief collaboration between Nintendo and Sony. Representing a distinct era in the history of gaming, this console is a collector’s dream. Its rarity and historical significance make it a potentially huge find.

8. Vintage Game Boy Pocket Ice Blue Zelda Edition

A special 1998 release, the Game Boy Pocket Ice Edition, recently fetched £454 in the collector’s market.

This particular model is sought after not only for its gameplay but also for its unique color and association with the Zelda series. Special edition consoles like this are always in demand, making them a worthy search in your old gaming collections.

9. First Edition Nintendo Game Boy

A first-edition Nintendo Game Boy, especially in near-new condition, can be quite the find. One recently sold for £306, showcasing its value as an original and well-preserved gaming console.

Collectors prize these units for their historical importance in the evolution of handheld gaming.

10. Super Mario Land Cartridge

Don’t forget to look for old game cartridges like Super Mario Land. Boxed versions of these popular games are particularly valuable, with one recently selling for £69.

While not as high as some other items, they add significantly to the value of any vintage gaming collection.

11. Nintendo Game Boy Games

Games from classic series like Mario and Pokémon, especially those still in their original packaging, are highly sought after. These games not only represent a significant part of gaming history but also can command high prices, enhancing the overall worth of your vintage console collection.

12. Red Sea Crossing Atari Game

Keep an eye out for the Atari game ‘Red Sea Crossing.’ It’s one of the rarest Atari games and was recently valued at over $10,000.

The rarity and unique backstory of this game make it a gem for collectors and could be a significant highlight of your vintage collection.

13. Vintage iPod Classic

The first-generation iPod Classic from 2001, known for its iconic click wheel, is a treasure among music and tech enthusiasts.

These devices paved the way for modern personal music players and hold considerable nostalgic and monetary value.

14. Nintendo Super Nintendo (SNES)

The Super Nintendo (SNES) console, renowned for hosting classics like Street Fighter II, carries substantial nostalgic worth and remains a favorite among collectors.

Its enduring popularity and role in defining 90s gaming culture make it a valuable addition to any vintage collection.

15. Sega Genesis Console

The Sega Genesis stood toe-to-toe with Nintendo in the 90s gaming market and is a prized collectible today. Its significant value is especially noted if the console and its games are in good condition.

For many, it represents a beloved part of their childhood and a key player in the evolution of home gaming systems.