15 Mind-Blowing Records Set in Classic Games You Won’t Believe

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Bilal Javed

Have you ever struggled to beat a high score in your favorite classic game, only to come up short time after time?

The passion and determination it takes to set a global record in gaming is nothing short of extraordinary. These players didn’t just aim to beat their personal best; they aimed to achieve the impossible.

From marathons that push human endurance to the limits, to scores that seem unbreakable, these records are testaments to what can be achieved with skill, dedication, and a love for gaming. 

Suppose you spent hours playing arcade games with unconventional controllers or collected unimaginable numbers of gaming items—all to set a record that will stand the test of time.

Take a look at these incredible accomplishments and learn the history behind the 15 most astounding records from vintage games. You won’t believe what these gamers have accomplished.

1. Longest Gaming Marathon with a Controller

In 2012, Ken Kay from Sydney, Australia, set an astounding record by playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II for 135 hours straight. To ensure his safety, Guinness World Records allowed him a 10-minute break every hour. His perseverance and love for the game are evident in this incredible marathon.

2. Highest Score on Donkey Kong

Robbie Lakeman achieved a remarkable score of 1,272,800 points in the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. The rivalry between Lakeman and John McCurdy has kept this record competitive, but Lakeman’s skill and dedication helped him secure the top spot. His precise barrel-hopping and timing make this record especially impressive.

3. Fastest Time in Super Mario Bros.

In September 2023, a speedrunner named Niftski set a new overall record by completing Super Mario Bros. in just 4 minutes and 54 seconds. Speedrunning this classic game requires ideal timing and expert knowledge of every level. Niftski’s achievement pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible in this iconic game.

4. Highest Score in E.T.

Glenn Case spent an exhausting 8.5 hours playing the notoriously bad E.T. game to achieve a high score of 1,058,399 points. Given the game’s frustrating mechanics and poor design, reaching such a high score is a true test of patience and determination. This record highlights Case’s ability to master even the most challenging games.

5. Perfect Game in Pac-Man

David Race reached the perfect score of 3,333,360 points in Pac-Man, completing all 256 levels without losing a single life. This flawless performance requires not only precise control but also extensive knowledge of the game’s patterns. Race’s accomplishment is a testament to his expertise and dedication to this arcade classic.

6. Most Outstanding Games of Wii Sports Bowling

John Bates, at the impressive age of 85, managed to achieve over 20,000 perfect games in Wii Sports Bowling by 2015. Recording each ideal game, Bates demonstrated remarkable consistency and skill. His dedication to perfecting his game over the years highlights his passion and commitment to Wii Sports Bowling.

7. Longest Minecraft Tunnel in Survival Mode

Thomas Horabin undertook the massive task of digging a tunnel over 100,000 blocks long in Minecraft’s survival mode. This mode adds an extra layer of difficulty due to the need for resource management and survival against in-game threats. Horabin’s perseverance and dedication to completing this monumental project are truly inspiring.

8. Largest Collection of Pokémon Memorabilia

Lisa Courtney from Hertfordshire, UK, has collected over 20,000 pieces of Pokémon memorabilia, earning her a Guinness World Record. Starting her collection at the age of nine, her passion for Pokémon has only grown over the years. Her extensive collection includes everything from plush toys to rare trading cards, showcasing her deep love for the Pokémon franchise.

9. Highest Score on Crossy Road

Joshua Beesley from Tonbridge, UK, set a Guinness World Record with an astounding score of 9,699 points in Crossy Road. His achievement is remarkable, considering the game’s endless nature and the precision required to avoid obstacles.

10. Longest Dance Game Marathon

Carrie Swidecki from Bakersfield, California, set the record for the longest dance game marathon by playing Just Dance for over 49 hours. This feat required incredible stamina and determination, breaking multiple records in the process.

11. Largest Collection of Video Game Consoles

Linda Guillory from Texas holds the record for having the biggest collection of video game consoles. After rebuilding her collection following a house fire, she amassed over 2,400 consoles. Her dedication and passion for gaming history are evident in her extensive collection.

12. Longest Winning Streak in Street Fighter

Ryan Hart, a professional gamer from the UK, holds the record for the longest winning streak in Street Fighter, with 169 consecutive wins. His mastery of the game and competitive spirit have made him a legend in the fighting game community.

13. Highest Score in Space Invaders

In 2018, Jon Tannahill (Australia) set a record-high score of 218,870 points in the arcade game Space Invaders. Jon set a record for the fastest time of 3 hours, 47 minutes, and 56 seconds on an original Taito arcade cabinet from 1978. During that period, the game’s score reset 21 times from 10,000 to zero.

14. Highest Score in Tetris on Game Boy

Yuli Horner achieved an impressive score of 748,757 points in Tetris on the Game Boy. This record is particularly noteworthy due to the game’s challenging input system and the precision required to reach such a high score.

15. Largest Video Game Collection

Antonio Romero Monteiro from Texas owns the world’s largest video game collection, with over 24,000 games. His passion for collecting spans multiple consoles and generations, making his collection a treasure trove for gaming enthusiasts.