15 Little-Known AI Tools That Can Boost Your Productivity Overnight

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Bilal Javed

Are you overwhelmed by endless tasks and tight deadlines? Struggling to keep up with your to-do list, meetings, and emails?

Many professionals feel the constant pressure to be more productive. The problem is clear: there’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done. But what if you could change that overnight?

Introducing 15 lesser-known AI tools designed to turbocharge your productivity. These tools aren’t just about saving time—they’re about transforming the way you work. 

From summarizing lengthy documents in seconds to automating your daily tasks, these AI marvels are here to make your life easier and your work more efficient. 

Consider having a more creative workload, less anxiety around deadlines, and a well-defined routine to begin your day. Explore now to learn about the AI resources that can assist you in achieving that.

1. Tl;dv

Tl;dv is an AI-driven summarization tool designed to tackle the challenge of information overload. It condenses lengthy documents, articles, meeting notes, and transcriptions into concise summaries. 

Tl;dv saves users time and improves comprehension by quickly filtering out the most critical points.

2. Notion AI

The well-liked task management and collaboration tool Notion has a potent upgrade in Notion AI. By using artificial intelligence, it can deliver automated reminders, intelligently prioritize chores, and offer individualized insights based on your work patterns.

With the aid of Notion AI, people, and teams may maintain organization, preventing the neglect of crucial duties and streamlining processes for optimal effectiveness. 

3. Eightify

An inventive artificial intelligence program called Eightify offers concise explanations of YouTube videos. Users can understand the essential ideas without watching the full film because it summarizes and highlights the important parts. 

This tool is ideal for busy professionals and students who need to consume large amounts of video content quickly.

4. Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is Adobe’s robust AI and machine learning framework integrated into its suite of creative tools. It automates repetitive tasks, accelerates complex workflows, and enhances creative processes. 

For designers, marketers, and other creatives, Adobe Sensei takes care of mundane tasks like image tagging, content organization, and even some aspects of design. 

5. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an advanced AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, capable of engaging in natural, human-like conversations. 

It helps with many other jobs, such as coding, language translation, and customer assistance in addition to content creation. In-depth answers, information, and even assistance with creative writing assignments can be obtained via ChatGPT. 


A smart calendar application called facilitates better teamwork and scheduling. It easily interfaces with current calendars to facilitate more effective appointment, task, and meeting management.

AI is utilized by to schedule meetings at the most convenient times, rank assignments, and even set aside time for concentrated work.  

7. Superhuman

An email management solution named Superhuman was created to assist users in effectively managing their inboxes. To make sending emails easier, it provides tools like keyboard shortcuts, instant email previews, and customized insights.

Users may expedite email triage, prioritize key messages, and cut down on time spent on less important communications with Superhuman’s AI capabilities.  

8. Sembly

Sembly uses AI to optimize meeting notes, summarize discussions, and highlight key points. This tool records meetings, transcribes the audio, and generates clear, concise summaries. 

Sembly ensures that all participants have access to accurate records of what was discussed, decisions made, and actions agreed upon.

9. Genei

An AI program called Genei was created to aid with research and document management. Key points from articles, research papers, and PDFs are extracted, which facilitates finding pertinent information quickly. 

By summarizing and highlighting important content, Genei saves researchers and professionals valuable time.

10. is an AI-powered transcription service that converts spoken language into written text. 

It is ideal for meetings, interviews, and lectures, providing accurate transcriptions that can be edited and shared. This tool helps improve productivity by making it easy to capture and organize spoken content.

11. Todoist

An AI-enhanced task management app called Todoist assists users in managing their to-do lists on several platforms. Features including project management, deadline monitoring, and task prioritizing are available.

With the use of Todoist’s AI capabilities, users may more efficiently manage their workload by suggesting the best times to complete tasks. 

12. uses AI to create music that enhances focus, relaxation, and sleep. Its music tracks are designed to improve brain function and productivity. 

Users can maintain concentration, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being with’s tailored audio experiences.

13. Taskade

A collaborative document editor, mind maps, and task lists are all integrated into Taskade, an AI-powered productivity application.

Teams use it to plan their tasks, establish objectives, and monitor their advancement. With real-time collaboration features, Taskade ensures that team members stay aligned and productive.


Emails, appointments, and task management are all capabilities of, a personal AI assistant.

Because of its integrations with well-known programs like Slack and Google Calendar, it is simple to include in daily activities. Users may better organize themselves and manage their time with the aid of 

15. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an AI productivity tool that tracks time spent on tasks and activities. It provides detailed reports on work patterns, helping users identify areas for improvement. 

By monitoring productivity and offering insights, Time Doctor helps individuals and teams optimize their work processes and increase efficiency.