15 Lazy Life Hacks: How to Use Tech to Do Absolutely Nothing (But Get Everything Done)

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Tom Latham

Feeling overwhelmed by daily tasks and responsibilities? Struggling to balance work, chores, and leisure? Your situation is not unique. Many people find it hard to keep up with their busy lives.

Luckily, technology offers a solution. In the last fifty years, technology has been credited by forty percent of Americans with improving living. (source)

If you could accomplish everything while doing nothing at all, how would that feel? Doesn’t it sound like a dream? 

With these 15 lazy life hacks, you can let tech handle the hard work. From automating your home to using voice assistants, these tricks make life simpler. 

Ready to relax while staying productive? Let’s get started and learn how to accomplish more with less work. 

1. Automate Your Home

Set up smart devices like lights, thermostats, and coffee makers. Use voice commands or schedules to control everything. No need to get up to adjust settings. This saves time and energy. 

For example, set your lights to turn on at sunset. Your coffee maker can start brewing when your alarm goes off. Everything runs smoothly without your input.

2. Grocery Delivery Apps

Skip grocery runs by using apps that deliver groceries to your door. Make a list on the app. Choose delivery times and wait. The app finds items and brings them to you. 

Fresh food arrives without you leaving the house. Services like Instacart or Amazon Fresh handle all the work. Get everything from fresh produce to household items delivered. Spend your time on things you enjoy.

3. Virtual Assistants

Ask Alexa or Google Assistant to manage your day. They set reminders, answer questions, and control other smart devices. Use them to play music or check the weather. Even order food. 

It’s like having a personal helper who never gets tired. Say “Hey Google, remind me to call Mom at 5 PM” and it’s done. These assistants can even make your shopping lists or control your home security.

4. Meal Kit Services

Avoid cooking stress with meal kits that provide ingredients and recipes. Companies like Blue Apron or HelloFresh send everything you need. Follow simple steps to create tasty dishes. 

Enjoy home-cooked meals with zero planning or grocery shopping. Each box contains pre-measured ingredients. Recipes are easy to follow, even for beginners. It takes the guesswork out of cooking and saves time.

5. Online Banking

Handle finances from your couch with banking apps. Pay bills, transfer money, and monitor accounts easily. No more trips to the bank or waiting in line. 

Everything can be done securely from your phone or computer. Set up automatic payments for bills. Transfer funds with a few taps. Check your balance anytime. Banking has never been so convenient.

6. Streaming Subscriptions

Forget cable and watch what you want, when you want. Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ offer endless choices. Enjoy movies, shows, and documentaries without commercial breaks. 

Binge-watch your favorites anytime. Create your watchlist and take advantage of trending shows. With streaming, entertainment is always at your fingertips. There is no need to schedule your life around TV shows.

7. Task Management Apps

Keep track of to-dos with apps like Todoist or Trello. Organize tasks, set deadlines, and get reminders. Break projects into smaller steps for better management. 

Stay on top of work and personal tasks without stress. Prioritize tasks and track progress. Share projects with others if needed. These apps make sure everything runs smoothly.

8. Voice-to-Text Tools

Type less by speaking more. Use voice-to-text software for writing emails, notes, and documents. Apps like Google Docs or Apple’s dictation feature make it easy. 

It’s faster, reduces typing fatigue, and helps when your hands are busy. Dictate your thoughts while doing other things. Save time and reduce errors by speaking instead of typing.

9. Smart Plugs

Control any device remotely with smart plugs. Plug in your coffee maker, lamps, or fans. Use your phone or voice commands to turn them on or off. 

Set schedules to automate daily routines. This adds convenience and saves energy. Without having to do anything, picture arriving home to a brightly illuminated house or waking up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee. 

10. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Keep your floors clean without lifting a finger. Robot vacuums like Roomba can be programmed to clean on a schedule. They navigate your home, avoiding obstacles. 

Return to a clean house every day. It’s efficient and effortless. These devices even return to their charging stations automatically. Enjoy spotless floors with no manual effort.

11. Online Learning Platforms

Learn new skills without attending classes. Platforms like Coursera or Udemy offer courses on various topics. Study at your own pace from the comfort of your home. 

Access lectures, assignments, and community forums easily. Gain knowledge without the hassle. These platforms often offer certificates upon completion, adding value to your resume without the need to commute or adhere to a strict schedule.

12. Smart Speakers

Enhance your home with smart speakers. Devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home can play music, provide news updates, and act as a remote control for other smart devices. 

Use voice commands to make requests. It’s an easy way to manage your home and stay entertained. You can ask for the weather forecast, set timers while cooking, or even control your home security system.

13. eBook Readers

Carry a library with you using eBook readers like Kindle. Download books instantly and read anywhere. 

Adjustable lighting makes reading comfortable at any time of day. Save space and have endless reading options at your fingertips.

14. Wearable Fitness Trackers

Monitor your health effortlessly with fitness trackers. Devices like Fitbit or Apple Watch track steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns. 

Receive reminders to move or hydrate. Access health data on your phone. Stay fit without intense effort.

15. Subscription Boxes

Enjoy regular surprises with subscription boxes. Services like Birchbox or FabFitFun deliver curated items to your door. 

Receive beauty products, snacks, or lifestyle items monthly. Discover new favorites without shopping around. It’s fun and convenient.