15 Games With Insane Plot Twists That Nobody Saw Coming

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Tom Latham

In the vast universe of video games, nothing keeps players on the edge of their seats quite like an unexpected plot twist.

After spending hours on a game, you might believe you understand the plot, just to have everything turned upside down by an unexpected turn of events.

It’s this element of surprise that transforms a good game into a great one, leaving an indelible mark on your gaming experience.

However, not all plot twists are created equal. Some plot twists are predictable and unremarkable, while others are so well-crafted that they leave gamers amazed and curious to revisit the game to spot any missed clues.

In this article, we explore 15 games renowned for delivering jaw-dropping twists that not only shocked players but also redefined narrative expectations.

1. BioShock – “Would You Kindly?”

In “BioShock,” the phrase “Would You Kindly?” cleverly morphs from routine guidance to a sinister form of control. It exposes how the protagonist’s actions have been manipulated, challenging the player’s perception of choice and autonomy in a deeply impactful way.

2. Final Fantasy VII Remake – A New Timeline

Unexpectedly, “Final Fantasy VII Remake” veers off into a new timeline, diverging from the original plot. This twist reinvigorates the storyline, introducing fresh possibilities and outcomes that keep fans guessing what’s next.

3. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – The Hero’s True Identity

In a stunning reveal, players discover their character in “Knights of the Old Republic” is Darth Revan, a former Sith Lord. Further layers of complexity to the story are added when players are forced to reconcile their heroic deeds with an evil history.

4. Spec Ops: The Line – The White Phosphorus Incident

“Spec Ops: The Line” confronts players with the consequences of using white phosphorus, resulting in civilian casualties. This moment challenges players to consider the morality of their decisions in war, adding a haunting depth to the game’s story.

5. Heavy Rain – The Origami Killer

Players are taken aback when “Heavy Rain” reveals that the Origami Killer is a selectable character, Scott Shelby. By including the player directly in the mystery as it develops and concealing the truth from view, the game deftly subverts the conventions of the detective genre. 

6. The Last of Us Part II – Joel’s Fate

“Joel’s death early in “The Last of Us Part II” dramatically shifts the narrative to explore themes of revenge. The twist not only fuels the story but also provokes players to confront complex emotions and the cycle of violence.

7. Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Rat’s Identity

When it’s revealed that Micah Bell has been betraying the gang in “Red Dead Redemption 2,” the narrative deepens. This betrayal enhances the tragic elements of the story, highlighting themes of loyalty and deception.

8. Portal 2 – The Unlikely Alliance

In “Portal 2,” an unexpected alliance forms between GLaDOS and Chell. By enhancing the story, this collaboration modifies the gameplay’s dynamics and gives GLaDOS a new facet.

9. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Venom Snake Revealed

Players are shocked to learn they’ve been playing as Venom Snake, not Big Boss, in “Metal Gear Solid V.” This twist adds a layer of deception and questions of identity that enrich the series’ complex storyline.

10. BioShock Infinite – Booker and Comstock Are the Same Person

Booker and Comstock are the same guys from different universes, as “BioShock Infinite” shows. It raises the game’s philosophical bar by exploring topics of atonement and the results of one’s decisions.

11. Silent Hill 2 – The Truth About Mary

“Silent Hill 2” reveals that James Sunderland killed his wife, Mary. This twist shifts the game from pure horror to a psychological exploration of guilt and repression, using the town’s monstrous manifestations as metaphors for James’s inner turmoil.

12. Half-Life: Alyx – Eli Vance Lives

Players in “Half-Life: Alyx” can change the course of the series by saving Eli Vance. It not only ends a protracted cliffhanger but also breathes fresh air into the franchise by opening up new storylines.

13. Resident Evil Village – Ethan’s True Nature

“A melancholy dimension to Ethan’s character is added by his confession that he is a mold-infected spirit following his purported death in “Resident Evil Village.” By highlighting his sacrifices for his family, this turn of events strengthens the story of the game.

14. Little Nightmares II – Mono Is the Thin Man

The revelation that Mono becomes the Thin Man in “Little Nightmares II” adds a predestined horror to the storyline. This twist enhances the eerie atmosphere and reflects the inevitability of fate and fear.

15. 12 Minutes – A Dark Family Secret

By the time “12 Minutes” ends, the main character and his spouse are half-siblings. By pushing the limits of the story, this contentious round provokes discussion and tests the player’s empathy for the characters and their situation.