15 eSports Tournaments With CRAZY Million Dollar Prizes

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Tom Latham

Esports offer high-stakes competitions and staggering prize pools, which are sure to take your breath away.

The allure of these tournaments extends beyond mere gameplay; they’re battlegrounds for both glory and serious cash. 

As gamers around the universe sharpen their skills, the industry itself is booming, growing from a solid USD 1.22 billion market size in 2019 to an anticipated USD 5.48 billion by 2031. (source)

This growth isn’t just impressive—it’s transformative, reshaping how we view and engage with digital competitions. 

Amidst this rapid expansion, pinpointing the most lucrative tournaments can be daunting. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 esports tournaments, showcasing events with million-dollar prizes that draw elite players around the globe and emphasize the lucrative and dynamic aspects of professional gaming.

1. Esports World Cup (Multiple Games)

The upcoming 2024 Esports World Cup blows past all records with its mind-boggling $60 million prize pool. 

Spread across various game championships and club competitions, this event represents the zenith of esports profitability. It’s a true spectacle, showcasing 19 different games and offering massive rewards for top-tier talent.

2. Fortnite World Cup (Fortnite)

Back in 2019, the Fortnite World Cup set the stage with a jaw-dropping $30 million in prizes, making millionaires overnight. The event’s structure allowed even solo players to walk away with up to $3 million each. 

Such immense rewards underscore the game’s massive appeal and the developer’s commitment to supporting its community.

3. The International (Dota 2)

Dota 2’s premier event, The International, has long been known for its spectacular prize pools. The 2023 prize pool for The International was reduced to $3.3 million. 

In contrast, previous editions surpassed $40 million, funded partly by fan contributions. This tournament is not just a game; it’s a testament to the power of community and the high stakes of professional gaming.

4. Gamers8 (Multiple Games)

With a prize pool that reached $15 million in 2023, Gamers8 stood out as the year’s richest esports festival. 

The highlight, a $10 million Riyadh Masters Dota 2 tournament, not only celebrated massive winnings but also demonstrated Saudi Arabia’s growing influence in the esports realm.

5. PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PUBG Mobile)

The consistency of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship’s $10 million prize pools exemplifies the sustained popularity and competitive edge of mobile gaming. 

Despite a minor decline in viewership, the 2023 championship upheld this standard, demonstrating the game’s tenacity in the esports sector.

6. Honor of Kings World Champion Cup (Honor of Kings/Arena of Valor)

This championship, combining Honor of Kings and Arena of Valor, elevated its 2023 prize pool to $10 million, up from $7 million in 2021. 

Interest from around the world has grown as a result of the fierce competitiveness these tournaments encourage amongst international teams.

7. Clash Royale League World Finals (Clash Royale)

The 2022 World Finals for Clash Royale, with its $1 million prize pool, highlights the game’s enduring popularity and the competitive spirit it engenders. 

As a strategy-based mobile game, it attracts players who relish tactical battles, making its tournaments fiercely competitive and highly rewarding.

8. Brawl Stars World Finals (Brawl Stars)

Also featuring a $1 million prize pool, the 2022 Brawl Stars World Finals spotlight the game’s rapid ascent in the mobile gaming sphere. 

This tournament draws players from around the globe, offering a substantial reward that underscores the game’s appeal and the competitive opportunities it provides.

9. Apex Legends Global Series Championship (Apex Legends)

In 2022, the Apex Legends Global Series boasted a prize pool of $2 million. Since its release in 2019, Apex Legends has carved out a significant niche in the battle royale genre. 

The substantial prize money reflects the game’s rapid growth and the fierce competition it attracts, making it a major player in the esports league.

10. Halo World Championship (Halo Infinite)

The Halo World Championship of 2022 featured a $1 million prize pool, a testament to the long-standing popularity of the Halo series. 

Along with a substantial prize pool, this competition provides a strong link to the history and community of Halo fans. It continues to be regarded as the top esports event.

11. Rocket League World Championship (Rocket League)

With its dynamic and engaging gameplay, the Rocket League World Championship captured attention with a $1 million prize pool in 2022. 

The game blends soccer with vehicular mayhem, offering a unique spectacle that is both thrilling to watch and compete in, solidifying its place in the esports arena.

12. PUBG Nations Cup (PUBG)

The PUBG Nations Cup also enjoyed a prize pool of $1 million in 2022. This event highlights the global appeal of PUBG. 

It fosters a sense of national pride as teams from various countries compete against one another. The hefty prize pool adds to the excitement and stakes of the international competition.

13. Paladins World Championship (Paladins)

Paladins, though less mainstream than some other titles, still offered a significant $600,000 prize pool in its 2022 World Championship. 

This hero shooter game supports a dedicated community and provides a platform for highly skilled players to demonstrate their prowess, making it a noteworthy event in the esports landscape.

14. Tekken World Tour Finals (Tekken 7)

Tekken 7, celebrated within the fighting game community, had its World Tour Finals in 2022 with a $300,000 prize pool. 

While smaller than others on this list, the amount signifies the game’s enduring appeal and the high skill level required to compete at the top. Because of this, every match is suspenseful.

15. Shadowverse World Grand Prix (Shadowverse)

There is an alluring $1 million grand prize for the winner of the Shadowverse World Grand Prix. Because of this, it is among the most profitable occasions in digital card gaming. 

Highlighting the intricacy and strategic profundity of the game is the grand prize. To win this competitive event, players must master these components.