15 Best AI Tools To Help Solve Math Problems

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Tom Latham

Math can often be a daunting subject for many students and professionals alike. Struggling with calculus, graphing, or solving complex equations can lead to frustration and low self-esteem.

Traditional methods of learning and problem-solving can sometimes fall short, leaving you feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

It is frustrating to spend hours on a math problem only to realize you made a small mistake. Stress and anxiety from not grasping key concepts can hinder progress and make math a dreaded task.

This constant battle with math problems can sap your energy and enthusiasm, making it hard to stay motivated and focused.

Thankfully, powerful AI tools are designed to take the stress out of solving math problems. These tools provide step-by-step solutions, interactive tutorials, and real-time problem-solving, making math easier and more enjoyable.

Here are the 15 best AI tools that can help you conquer any math problem with ease and confidence.

1. QuickMath

QuickMath is designed to solve algebraic equations, calculus problems, and other math queries. It provides step-by-step solutions, graphing capabilities, and interactive tutorials. 

This tool is comprehensive and interactive, making it a great choice for students. However, its functionality is limited to specific mathematical topics.

2. Algebrator

The purpose of Algebrator is to simplify equations, solve algebraic problems, and carry out other mathematical operations. In addition to interactive graphs and step-by-step solutions, it provides alternatives for individualized tutoring.

It is therefore very useful for algebraic issues.  On the downside, it doesn’t cover many mathematical topics.

3. MATH 42

AI is used in MATH 42 to give detailed explanations and answers for algebraic and calculus problems. Many users will find it useful because of its user-friendly interface, which accepts handwritten as well as text input.

It is simple to use and excellent for addressing problems quickly. Only specific mathematical domains can use it, though. 

4. Soulver

Soulver is unique as it combines a notepad with a calculator, allowing for natural and intuitive problem-solving. AI-powered algorithms deliver instant results and support complex mathematical expressions. 

It’s highly effective for everyday calculations and solving complex problems quickly. However, its functionality is confined to specific topics.

5. Photomath

Photomath solves algebraic equations by scanning handwritten ones. Covering a range of math topics, it provides animated lessons and step-by-step solutions. 

The convenience of simply scanning problems makes it very user-friendly. Advanced features, however, require a subscription, and it’s mainly used for math calculations.

6. Socratic

Developed by Google, Socratic assists with math and other subjects. It provides step-by-step solutions, explanations, and videos to help solve math problems. 

Fast learning is made easier with this feature-rich and user-friendly app. Because of its restricted capability for advanced math topics, not all users may find it suitable. 

7. Mathway

Mathway is an AI-powered tool that swiftly solves a wide range of math problems, offering clear explanations. It supports various topics including calculus, algebra, and trigonometry. 

Mathway is user-friendly and covers a broad spectrum of math areas. A subscription is required for advanced features, which can be a limitation for some users.

8. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha serves as a powerful computational engine, solving math problems and answering questions related to science and engineering. Step-by-step instructions and graphing functions are provided.

This program is perfect for complex tasks because it is incredibly powerful and thorough. However, it requires internet connectivity, and some features are not available for free.

9. Desmos

Desmos is an advanced graphing calculator that uses AI to plot functions, analyze data, and solve equations. 

Interactively investigating mathematical concepts is made simple by its intuitive design and real-time collaborative features. It’s highly effective for graphing and data analysis but is only useful for certain topics in mathematics.


Several free online calculators are available at, including a math solver that can work through calculus and algebraic equations.

Both symbolic and numerical input are supported, and step-by-step solutions are offered. Despite being restricted to specific arithmetic concepts, this makes it thorough and user-friendly. 

11. Maple

Maple is a robust math software that leverages AI to solve complex math problems and perform advanced mathematical operations. Calculus, algebra, and differential equations are just a few of the many topics it covers.

Because of this, it’s an effective and extensive tool for users of advanced math. Still, its applicability to more general math issues might be limited due to its topical concentration. 

12. CameraMath

CameraMath is a mobile app designed to solve math problems by scanning handwritten equations. It offers step-by-step solutions and supports various math topics, making it a convenient tool for students. 

While easy to use and highly effective, it is limited to solving math problems and may require a subscription for advanced features.

13. Microsoft Math Solver

AI is used by Microsoft Math Solver to provide step-by-step solutions for a range of math problems. Numerous math disciplines are supported, such as calculus, geometry, and algebra. 

This tool is comprehensive and user-friendly, making it a reliable choice for students. Nevertheless, it is limited to a few mathematical areas.

14. Symbolab

Symbolab is an AI-powered tool that solves math problems and provides detailed, step-by-step solutions. Numerous math topics are supported, including trigonometry, algebra, and calculus. For students, this makes it an extensive and user-friendly tool.

Like many other tools, it is restricted to certain mathematical topics and may require a subscription for full access.


With the use of cutting-edge AI technology, is an interactive math problem solver. Users can upload their math questions and receive detailed answers instantly. 

This tool is easy to use and covers a variety of math topics. However, its functionality is restricted to certain mathematical areas, which can limit its overall utility.