Xbox Series X price, release date, pre-order

Xbox Series X Pre-Order
xbox series x price release date pre-orders

Are you ready for the next generation? It sure looks like Microsoft is revved up. The company has been showing off the Xbox Series X for almost an entire year now, and just a few days back, we finally got news on how much the Series X will cost, when it’ll launch, and when pre-orders will go live.

If you’re looking forward to securing an Xbox Series X for yourself, we’ve compiled everything you know about how to do so. We’ve got the price. We’ve got the launch date. And we’ve got pre-order details.

You’ll find all of it below. Ladies and gentlemen, the next gen is so close we can taste it.

Xbox Series X price

Microsoft have done itself a favor with the Xbox One and that console’s mid-cycle refresh, the Xbox One X. The company basically normalized the $499 top-tier console. It’s laughable that some of us paid that much money for an Xbox One a few years ago, but the Xbox Series X? It looks like it’ll be worth every penny.

Just like the Xbox that came before it, the Xbox Series X will cost $499 at launch. It’s still pretty darn expensive, all things considered. But when you consider what you’re getting — a top-of-the-line home machine that can play 4K games at 60-frames-per-second — the Series X appears to be quite the deal.

Xbox Series X release date

It feels like we’re doing everything pretty late, doesn’t it? Back when the Xbox One launched, we’d heard about the price for that console almost half a year in advance.

We just got the price for the Xbox Series X a few days ago, and yet the console will help kick off the next generation of gaming very soon. The Xbox Series X release date is Nov. 10, 2020. At the time of this writing, that is less than two months away.

Xbox Series X pre-order

And now for the question you’re probably dying to have answered: how do you pre-order the Xbox Series X? Actually, maybe there’s more than one question. You could also tack on, “How do you pre-order the Xbox Series X,” and also, “Where can do you pre-order it?”

Pre-orders kick off on Sept. 22, 2020, according to The Verge, “at Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Gamestop, Newegg, and Army and Airforce Exchange Service.”

It looks like Xbox Series S pre-orders will take place at the exact same time, so you might want to show up early at the website of your preferred retailer. If the Series S goes fast — and it very well could — some of those customers might end up nabbing an Xbox Series X instead. And perhaps one of those Series X consoles could have been yours if only you’d acted a little faster.

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