Xbox Series X gets a release month, while Halo Infinite gets delayed

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X

Microsoft dropped two pretty big bombshells in close proximity, and to be honest, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around all of it.

Earlier this afternoon, the official Xbox website gave gamers a little snack to nibble on. The Xbox Series X will be dropping in November, just like every single Xbox before it. We are about three months away from getting our hands on Microsoft’s next-gen machine. Looks like Microsoft CFO Amy Hood wasn’t misspeaking after all.

That good news couldn’t come without some bad news, however. Right around the same time, the official Halo Twitter account let the world know that Halo Infinite was getting a delay. There’s no disputing that this is a big deal. Infinite was an Xbox Series X launch title. It’ll now launch sometime in 2021, instead.

Obviously this is a lot to take in. On one hand, the Series X now has a release month, so fans can finally start preparing their entertainment centers for the new console. On the other hand, the system will be missing its flagship release. It’s bittersweet to say the least.

If there is one positive you can take out of the day, though, it’s that this fall will be packed full of great games you can play on the Series X. And just think: with Halo temporarily out of the picture, you’ll have more time to play Cyberpunk 2077 when it arrives in November.

We’ll keep you updated if any other Halo news drops.

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