World Of Warships 2022 Update Details

World Of Warship 2022 Update Details
World Of Warship

Have you ever wanted to be a captain? If you want it, you can experience it with World of Warships for free. World of Warships is a free-to-play naval warfare-themed online game. It is popular on all platforms, especially on Xbox. Besides realistic graphics, Word Of Warships is updated by developers continuously. Recently developers released updates for World Warship. If you are a fan of this game, you might want to read this article. We will give every detail about the World Of Warship 2022 update.

Best improvement comes with World Of Warship 2022 Update

Friends can make different choices about their consoles brands. Unfortunately, this affects their gaming experience. They cannot play online games together on different platforms. However, World of Warship developers solves this problem. With the World of Warships 2022 update, Players can play World of Warships with their friends on the same session. They need to create their division with their friends.

Ranked duels

Are you bored with AFK players in ranked matches? If your answer is yes, you will be happy with the World of Warships 2022 Update. With the update, players can make ranked 1v1 matches. In addition, those matches awards will depend on match results. In other words, winning those matches is more important than regular matches results.

Lunar New Year celebrations

To celebrate the Chinese new tiger year, World of Warships developers added a lot of striking awards to the game. They added two skins Courage for Loyang and fury for Huanghe which is a known new Pan Asian ship. Pan-Asian destroyer provides unique gameplay for the players with features like a Smoke generator. It is a flexible ship. That’s why players can easily modify it depending on their gameplay.

Italian Battleships in Early Access

With the new update, we will see Italian battleships on the battlefield. Word of Warships developers created a whole Italian battleship line. Those ships are listed below.

  • Tier III Danter Alighieri
  • Amazing Tier IV Conte di Cavour
  • Tier V Andrea Doria
  • Tier VI Francesco Caracciolo

Those ships use new mechanic Semi-Ap shells. Sheels can easily pierce your enemy armor. That’s why trying to get one of them helps you win matches.

New Maps

Word of Warships developers added three maps to the game. Those maps can be available for VI, VII, and Legendary tier battles. Those maps are;

  • Shatter
  • Islands of Ice where you can see amazing northern lights.
  • Warrior’s Path

Azur Lane Wave III

With the new update, we will celebrate the third wave of Azur Lane. It will be available from February 7. We can obtain six commanders with unique voiceovers on standalone and special crates. The commander range include:

  • Eagle Union/U.S. Montpelier
  • Sakura Empire/Japan Azuma, Shoukaku and Yukikaze
  • Northern ParlimentSıviet Union Avrora
  • Sardegna Empire /Italy Littorio

That’s it. We try to show the most important improvements which came with updates. To learn more details about the World of Warships 2022 update, you can check out this link. Also, you can share thought about the World of Warships 2022 update in the comment section.

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