What’s New on Xbox: September 20th to 24th, 2021

New on Xbox Next Week

Today, Xbox announced the schedule for next week’s new console games coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC as well as Xbox Game Pass. Let’s review all 18 updates Microsoft has provided us!

1. Golf Peaks – September 21st (Xbox One X Enhanced)

You don’t need to know anything about golf! Grab your controllers, grab your clubs and make your way up the mountain peaks to get to the hole. But not in the traditional skill-shot manner. Instead, use action cards and plan your strategy to get the ball to the goal.

2. World War Z: Aftermath – September 21st

This is the ultimate co-op zombie shooter, and the next evolution to the hit World War Z game that has attracted over 15 million players. Intensified story episodes in new zombie-ravaged areas around the globe, you will have to fight off hungry zombies.

3. Street Outlaws 2: Winner Takes All – September 21st (Xbox Series X|S Smart Delivery)

These are the stakes! This sequel is high-octane! You will have to prove your worth in some of America’s most brutal drag and street races.

4. Crisis Wing – September 22nd

Crisis Wing is a challenging and accessible game that offers everything you need, from boss battles with bosses to enemy swarms. You can replay stages with unlimited lives in practice mode. Boss Rush and Score Attack bonus games add to the enjoyment with new levels and bosses. Are you ready to takeoff?

5. Alder’s Blood: Definitive Edition – September 22nd

This tactical strategy game features stealth-based combat, RPG components, crafting, resource gathering and management, exploration, and rich storylines. It takes place in a dark world where humanity has killed their God and is now facing extinction.

6. Diablo II: Resurrected – September 23rd (Xbox Series X|S Smart Delivery)

Explore the Dark Wanderer to find the truth about the fates of Mephisto, Baal and Diablo. You will be captivated by the Diablo gameplay, which features robust character progression, deep itemization, and visceral combat.

7. Embr September 23rd

Embr is a fast-paced firefighting game that takes place in a hyper-capitalist world where emergency services are no longer available. You can climb buildings, smash windows, and fight fires to save lives, either alone or with up four others.

8. May’s Mysteries – The Secret of Dragonville – September 23rd

May is a charismatic and independent girl who sets out to find her missing brother. You will be able to progress through the cartoon-style drawings by solving more than 270 logic puzzles and tricky rhythmic games. Hidden object scenes can also be solved. Find clues to May’s brother, visit strange locations, and meet interesting characters on your journey.

9. Sable September 23rd (Xbox Game Pass)

Xbox Game Pass is available on day one. Begin an unforgettable journey with Sable and help her glide through her Gliding. This rite of passage will take you across beautiful deserts and ancient marvels. You can explore a vast world on a hoverbike. Learn how to solve puzzles and climb high peaks. Find out who Sableis is beneath the mask.

10. The Plane Effect – September 23 (Xbox Series X|S)

This is a dystopian, isometric adventure that follows a lonely office worker who attempts to return home despite the odds. A remarkable journey is brought to life by VFX professionals using stunning visuals.

11. A Gummy’s Life – September 24th (Xbox Series X|S)

Online and local party multiplayer game featuring candy-coated, physics based fights. You can choose your favorite gummy and customize it to suit your tastes. Then, show the world who is the king of sugar! You can’t keep your eyes from the endless free-for-all gummy action, with their wild fist fights or sweet but savage sucker punches.

12. Blind Postman – September 24th

As a blind man, help him collect the letters and find the exit from the lab. Continue to search for the exit from the labyrinth by gathering letters and bringing them along.

13. Death Park – September 24th

You will find a massive abandoned amusement park that has a clown as its center. Are you able to solve the many puzzles on your way to escape from these terrifying stories? You can survive the night by playing hide and seek.

14. Don’t Touch This Button! – September 24th (Xbox Series X|S)

This is a humorous and minimalist puzzle game that you can play from the first person. You must complete a series rooms by pressing a button in each one. Each successive room will be more challenging and you will face greater danger.

15. In Celebration of Violence – September 24th

Fantasy action roguelike that combines exploration and murder. Methodical combat is about planning your attacks, dodges and blocks while taking into consideration your environment and opponents. You cannot avoid death, but you can increase your stats or purchase items that will help you in the future. If things get difficult, up to four friends from the community can grab the controllers and help the hero fight monsters, zombies and bandits controlled by players.

16. Lost Judgment – September 24th

In the next installment of the Judgment series, Private Detective Takayuki Yanagi will follow the clues, give righteous beatings and solve an impossible case. Lost Judgment is the latest mystery thriller from the same studio that produced Yakuza. It combines elements of noir narrative, investigative sleuthing and combative action into one.

17. Little Kite – September 24th

Little Kite is an adventure-driven point-and-click story that shows the struggles of a struggling family. One person gives up and the other tries to fix the mistakes.

18. The Addams Family: Mansion Mayhem September 24th

This family game night is going to be terrifyingly fun! This hilarious 3D platform adventure is for up to four people. To win, you will need to play minigames where you’ll be bumping into and jumping over each others.

What games will you be playing next week?

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