Unsouled Releasing for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One in Q4 2021

Unsouled Releasing for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One in Q4 2021

What is Unsouled?

Unsouled, an upcoming 2D-action RPG is based on the Capcom game Onimusha 2 back in 2002 is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in Q4, 2021.

The game featured a fast-paced, stylized combat system with an Interactive environment as the main feature.

The game design, unlike other action games, does not include puzzle elements or path finding. Instead, it focuses on the combat system.


You can fight your way through beautiful landscapes to bring peace to the hearts of restless souls. Unsouled is an exciting combat game that will test your skills as you progress through each stage. You have been given the battlefield. Now you need to play around with it and learn your own moves.

The role of Maras is that of a prince of the fallen kingdom, who has been attacked and killed by the undead. To get your revenge on the evil bosses and soulless enemies that you have defeated, and to discover the truth behind the Unsouled kingdom and its fallen rulers, you will need to win.

This is all done in stunningly designed stages that are inspired by iconic landmarks from around the globe. Here are the main features and gameplay of Unsouled.

Explore interactive environments

To stun enemies, knock over pillars and smash them into walls. All objects are available for you to use. These interactive terrains allow you to take different approaches when planning your moves. We are excited to see the creative moves that our players create!

Unstoppable with timed attacks

There are chain attacks and counterattacks. If you are able to time your moves correctly, you can use both of them to counterattack consecutively. Your attack speed and skill combinations depend on when you hit the attack button. You will last longer if you find the combination that you are most comfortable with.

Gather lost souls to gain fierce power

To heal yourself and escape mobs, you can collect lost souls. There are special abilities that can be unlocked by collecting souls, in addition to those that are instantly consumed. These souls can be combined with your attacks to cause powerful damage.

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