Tour de France 2021 game on Xbox Consoles

Tour de France 2021 Is On Xbox Consoles
Tour de France 2021

Tour de France 2021 is available to play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. You can join the enthusiasm with the official game of the world’s most famous bike race. This is one of the Sports games on Xbox you will not want to miss.

This game offers 21 new stages and each one is as close as possible to the route. Even though you’re not a part of the race, you can still experience it extremely realistically.

My tour mode is specifically designed for more customization choices. You can choose your resting time, stages, and teams as you wish. You have the option to choose Pro Team mode to lead. In that option, your team starts from the bottom. If you have successful results, you can get into the major races. If you want passion and to see progress from different angles, this is definitely the right mode for you.

The game includes four different cycling profiles as sprinter, climber, puncher, and versatile. These profiles give you the chance to experience the game to the fullest.


“You have the chance to achieve the famous yellow jersey with this game. You have the options of My Tour and Pro Team, where you can customize and choose the style you want to try. Play alone or lead a team, that’s up to you. There are also four different profiles to choose from. Time to hit the pedals!”

Cycle With The Legends

The Pro Leader mode of the game offers the chance to cycle with the legends of the race. You need to level up your rider to be able to do this. Just create the profile and start cycling. If you’re good enough, you’ll reach the top.

The game includes 19 World Tour teams as well as their jerseys. Also, official races are in Tour de France 2021, such as Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Nice, and LBL.

Now you have the chance to be a part of Tour de France 2021 on Xbox consoles. It is as realistic as it can be, without all the effort.

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