Thanks to Xbox Game Pass, CrossCode is killing it on Xbox One

CrossCode Xbox Game Pass

It goes without saying that Xbox Game Pass is a great deal for players. You pay either $5 a month on PC, $10 a month on console, or $15 a month for both. After that, you get access to a huge catalog of over 100 games, including some real bangers. It’s a steal.

What seems less known, however, is how great the deal is for developers and publishers. Are those who put their work on Xbox Game Pass seeing any benefit? Are more players trying out their titles thanks to the lower barrier to entry?

For Radical Fish Games, the studio behind CrossCode, the answer is yes.

A video podcast called Duel Screens recently spoke to Felix Klein, a big part of why CrossCode exists. Klein co-founded Radical Fish Games, and also served as CrossCode‘s programmer, artist, and designer.

When asked whether or not CrossCode has found success on Xbox Game Pass, Klein seemed to indicate it did — and in a way that surprised him.

“Right at this moment, there’s more people playing on Game Pass than Switch and PS4 combined,” he said. “That’s something I did not see coming.”

Xbox Game Pass has received a big push from Microsoft over the past few years, and is already shaping up to be a very big part of its future. With stories like this one about CrossCode, don’t be surprised if you see more studios pushing to have their games included in Game Pass as time goes on.

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