Super Animal Royale Summer Event Is Here Starting June 29th

Super Summer Animal Royale Event Is Here Until June 20
Super Summer Animal Royale

The summer event for the Super Animal Royale game will be available from June 29 until July 20. Exciting additions and packages await you.

Summer Royale Event Exclusive’s

Along with the familiar weapons, fruits, and bird bullets, fruit baskets scattered around the island will also be in the game. You will find 8 new cosmetic items and 17 summer items offered by the game within the summer event. To take advantage of Easter eggs, all you have to do is stay alive as long as possible. Collect as many fruit baskets as you can and do not feel sorry for anyone in the game, which will be in carnival air until July 20. Let there be carnage!

Super Summer Animal Royale Event
Super Summer Animal Royale Event

Moreover, thanks to the summer event, 2 more supersonic animal species were added to the game lab. Super Dragonfruit Wolf and The Super Avocado Sloth. Isn’t that disgustingly fun? Be careful when playing beach soccer with your little fruit-animal buddies on the beach.

Control button links have been added to this update to customize Xbox controls. We should also add that the aiming design and range have been expanded. It looks like the left stick’s movement and the way it affects aiming will also be changed. However, it is unclear whether all the improvements have caught up with this version. You may have to wait for the next version for some updates and improvements.

Super Summer Animal Royale Event
Super Summer Animal Royale Event

About Gamer Feedback

Although it can’t be brought to this update, fan suggestions such as cross-platform parties, new animal ideas, some changes in gameplay mechanics, and brand new outfit additions will also be tried to be brought into the next version. The developers of the game emphasize that they prioritize fan feedback above all else. Let’s see what new innovations we will see.

Keep hanging out with your besties in Super Animal Royale on Xbox Series X/S. Don’t forget to turn the game upside down until July 20. Stay tuned!

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