Stonefly Will Release on June 1 for Xbox consoles and PC

Stonefly Will Release on June 1 for Xbox consoles and PC

Stonefly will be released on June 1, 2021, for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and other platforms as announced by MWM Interactive and developer Flight School Studio.

Stonefly was first announced in February. It is a chill exploration game where a young inventor, Annika, pilots a mech through the games’ natural environments to collect some minerals.

Synopsis: “You can go on missions through tree canopies, marshes, and prickly briars in the world’s undiscovered nature scapes. Take on a variety of bug types to harvest minerals. Then, use them to craft specialized mech parts to customize your style and match your play.

You can build relationships with a cast of memorable characters from the Acorn Corps. They are a band of castaway mech pilots.

This game offers you richly stylized art, inspired by both mid-century modern design and the natural world.”


More About Stonefly

In Stonefly, you will be able to play the role of Annika Stonefly. She is on a quest to recover a family heirloom.  Annika will use customizable mechs that you can upgrade and customize to suit your style. As described by the studio, this game offers great visualization and a unique perspective. It is inspired by nature as well as mid-century modern design. You can pilot in this mesmerizing world and have fun while completing quests.

It’s not a surprise to see this game has so much offering with its’ visuals. The team behind the game presented the award-winning Creature in the Well to the gaming world earlier.

A Glimpse in The Game

Flight School and MWM released their first video. It is a part of a series called Stonefly Snapshots. That video is aimed to give players a quick look at the game and gameplay. It is quite short but we don’t have to wait for so long to be able to discover this beautiful world, striking art, and fun gameplay.

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