Stardew Valley is coming to Xbox Game Pass this Fall 2021

stardew valley xbox game pass

Get your Shovels and farming tools out, because Stardew Valley is coming to Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC this Fall (Actual Date TBD).

This announcement was made via the latest /twitchgamingID@Xbox showcase, an exclusive live event for independent Xbox developers that was highly anticipated. Stardew Valley is going to be one of the best games on Xbox Game Pass in my opinion and I will be sinking countless hours into it. I am interested to see what the system specs will be and if we will be getting 4k resolution.

Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service available by Microsoft that allows you to access hundreds of games on Xbox consoles, computers and mobile devices. The tier you choose will determine which game you get.

The news was confirmed on Twitter

Stardew Valley was first released on Steam in 2016 and took the gaming world by storm. It has been made available on consoles and mobile devices since then and has a very active and passionate community.

Stardew Valley Xbox One Trailer (Coming to Xbox Game Pass Soon)

At $15, it’s hard to say that it’s not one one of the best game values you can Play on PC (especially in this genre). Stardew has been purchased by many people all over the world. If we go back and start at early 2020, Stardew had sold over 10 million copies. they must be doing something right

Stardew Valley will be part of an ever increasing number of chill and relaxing simulation titles. Farming Simulator 17 Fishing Simulator and Human: Fall Flat are some of the most relaxing games in this genre and we think Stardew will take the crown.

The game has clearly been a company priority for ConcernedAPE for five years and it’s great to see that it won’t be going anywhere soon.

Stardew Valley is also a popular place for mods, but they won’t make it to Xbox. It is only compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS and Android phones. Unfortunately, it won’t work if you are on a console (PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch), or iOS.

Reddit is Celebrating the Stardew Valley on Xbox Game Pass News

What is Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley, a farming simulation video game, is primarily inspired by Harvest Moon. Players create a character at the beginning of the game in Pelican Town. This character becomes the recipient of a plot land and a small home once owned by their grandfather. You can choose from a variety of farm types. Each has a different theme, and offers different benefits and drawbacks.

Initially, the farmland is overrun by boulders, trees stumps and weeds. Players must clear these obstacles to start the farm. They also need to tend to crops and livestock to generate income and expand the facilities and buildings. Players can also engage in fishing, cooking, crafting, and exploring procedurally-generated caves with materials and ores to mine or creatures to combat.

To restore the community center, players can undertake various quests that will earn them additional money. Players will receive various items when they complete bundles, such as seeds and tools. Multipliple bundles give players access to new areas, game mechanics, and even a desert.

Each year has four 28-day months. This represents each season. The simplified calendar determines which crops and activities can be grown.

Non-player characters (NPCs), which may be found in the town, can also be interacted with by players. This could lead to a marriage or the NPC helping the player tend the farm. All activities must be weighed against the character’s current health, exhaustion, and the game’s internal clock.

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