Stardew Valley Fishing Guide

Stardew Valley Fishing Guide
Stardew Valley

You may get money, experience, and even gain the respect of your fellow villagers if you master the art of fishing in Stardew Valley. While a fishing pole can catch most fish, a crab pot is required to land some of the more elusive species.

How to Fish in Stardew Valley and Stardew Valley Fishing Tips

A mini-game is used to play out fishing in Stardew Valley. In order to successfully catch a fish, you must control a green bar and keep it above the fish at all times. The catch meter rises when the green bar is above the fish and falls when the fish departs the bar. Catching fish is easier when the meter is full, but it’s far more difficult if it lowers all the way to the bottom.

It is possible to classify fish into a variety of ‘quality’ levels. These are the regular, silver, gold, and iridium layers of jewelry. Normal is the least expensive category, while iridium is the most expensive.

Stardew Valley

Each of the four varieties of fishing poles has its own advantages and disadvantages. Fiberglass and iridium rods both utilize bait, while training rods are simpler to operate but can only catch common fish. It is possible to purchase and equip a lead bobber, which will make it easier to catch the fish in the minigame if you have an Iridium Rod. One-tier quality is gained for every fish caught in this minigame if you keep the fish in the green bar for the entire duration of the game.

You can only assume what kind of fish you’ve caught based on the time of day and the season in which you caught it, but you can still get a good idea of what you’ve landed based on the fish’s behavior. A legendary fish will always have a crown on its symbol, so you know you’ve nabbed one of the best specimens!

If you are a fisher or an angler, you can earn up to 50% more money for each catch, but for the sake of this guide, we’ve included the base prices for normal, silver, gold, and iridium catches.

A total of five distinct fish behavior patterns may be found in Stardew Valley.

  • Mixed – they move in a basic pattern
  • Smooth – they move with a steady, slower pattern
  • Sinker – they move with a faster downwards acceleration
  • Floater – they move with a faster upwards acceleration
  • Dart – they move with a random pattern and are more difficult to predict and catch

Stardew Valley Fishing – Professions – Fisher or Trapper?

Leveling professions in Stardew Valley enables you to gain access to additional abilities. As a fisher or trapper, you’ll earn different privileges as your skill level increases. At the tenth level, you will be able to choose between two additional benefits. This is what you receive for each.

Early on, most perks aren’t going to make a huge difference, but they do provide a nice boost. When it comes to making some additional money, nothing beats a fishing trip or an angling trip. Your museum collections will benefit greatly if you go the fisher/pirate route. For those who enjoy simply strolling down the shore and collecting their crab pot treasures, the trapper/mariner route has its perks – albeit bait is cheap and can be manufactured from bug meat, which can be found in abundance in the early levels of the mines, so luremaster is a little pointless.

It’s your choice, although we normally go with a fisherman/angler. Stardew Valley is also available on Xbox consoles.

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