Space Crew: Legendary Edition Expansion Launches October 21st

Space Crew: Legendary Edition Expansion Launches October 21st

Curve Digital and Runner Duck are announcing that the intergalactic crew management game Space Crew, will launch with a no-cost Legendary Edition expansion across PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 21st 2021. If you don’t have the game , the cost is £19.99 or $24.99 or EUR 24.99.

Space Crew: Legendary Edition is as diverse as it is difficult, captains aspiring to be captains must supervise their crew members one-by-1 in missions to achieve their goals with the least amount of injuries. Attacks by phasmids, Android armies black holes, declining oxygen levels, intruders from aliens, system malfunctions and many more are just a few of the problems crews confront head-on and the AI is always willing to throw an unpleasant surprise to the mix.

Curve Digital is an award-winning independent company working with developers around the globe to provide the top in interactive entertainment. Curve has established itself among the most renowned games publishers in the world with a diverse game catalog, including well-known indie hit games such as The Ascent, For the King and Bomber Crew, and community favorite games like Lawn Mowing Simulator, alongside the 30-million+-selling smash success Human: Fall Flat. Human: Fall Flat.

Runner Duck is an independent, award-winning studio that is based in Brighton, UK consisting of an impressive team of four founding members: Jon Wingrove (Programming) and Dave Miller (Art), and Joe Le Grice (Programming) as well as Greg Sue (Art). In October of 2017, Runner Duck released their debut game, Bomber Crew earning the studio numerous awards and more than one million dollars in sales on PC as well as consoles.

To celebrate the imminent announcement of the new expansion Curve Digital is running a Space Crew 60% off sale running from the 11th to the 19th of October on Steam.

“We’re really excited to be launching the Legendary Edition for Space Crew” says Jon Wingrove, co-founder of Runner Duck Games. “We want to say a huge thank you to our wonderful community for their amazing support and we’re delighted to be able to give players more content to blast off this October.

What’s the latest Space Crew Expansion?

The expansion is Space Crew: Legendary Edition and it includes a vast amount of brand new content that includes The massive Android Ambush campaign and the possibility of taking your crew off-ship to outposts, stations and even new vessels in Away Team missions. The new star-system will allow players to explore in new missions and various special games and features The Legendary Edition expansion is the most comprehensive expansion of content in every Crew title in space and time history.

Space Crew: Legendary Edition – the sequel to the Steam chart top-rated release Bomber Crew – transports players to the distant future to face an intergalactic conflict with a legendary scope. With a carefully selected team and a fully-customisable spaceship, the brave captains have to defend Earth and explore the galaxy to fend off the threat of aliens and androids.

Expansion Features

A brand-new campaign

The players will fight an army of droids commanded by rogue androids that previously joined to The United Defence Force. Combat a variety of brand new Enemy Champions and ships across new missions. There are new liveries, gear and other upgrades available to Captains who win to gain access to.

Away Team mission

Take off from your ship and go on feet to the very first time in three of your team members to vessels and outposts in the NEW Away Team missions. Picking the right team is going to be crucial to survival since Away Team missions consist of solving puzzles, exploration or fighting… Sometimes, even against time!

Members of the Legendary Crew

Personalize and build your dream team by locating and saving legendary crew members with incredible capabilities and impressive stats to boost your defense against the threat of enemies.

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