Shadow Warrior 3 Release Date and Details for Xbox One

Shadow Warrior 3 Release Date and Details for Xbox One
Shadow Warrior 3

IGN made an announcement with a trailer that they will release Shadow Warrior 3 later this year for Xbox One. It is Flying Wild Hog’s latest addition to the Shadow Warrior series. In this article, we will cover all we know about the game with the details.

Shadow Warrior 3 looks like an equally violent follow-up to the series. It is bringing back the franchise’s standard blend of humor, bloody violence, and ultimate gore. It was recently revealed that the upcoming sequel will be joining Xbox One on top of its already announced PC release. Until now, Shadow Warrior 3 was only confirmed for PC. It’s great to get the news that the console version is on the way.

IGN made the reveal via an action-packed gameplay trailer. It provided us fans a short glimpse into Shadow Warrior 3‘s Doomsday Device mission. The title card that followed the footage reaffirms that the game will be released later this year. The exact date is still unknown.

Shadow Warrior 3
Shadow Warrior 3

About Gameplay of Shadow Warrior 3

As we learn, Shadow Warrior 3 won’t stop the gruesome kills and heavy battles. In the trailer we see duel-wielding assault rifles, a fully functional katana, gruesomely punching an ice demon’s heads apart and using its parts to freeze other enemies. From what we saw until this point, we can see that traces of Doom seriously influenced this game. Lo Wang is also in the game and his abilities in Shadow Warrior 3 seem to be taking the combat to the next level. One scene of the trailer even shows us the protagonist use a hook to pull two miniguns out of the stomach of a large enemy. Then he uses them to mow down nearby opponents.

The main character Lo Wang is teaming with his former enemy, now sidekick Orochi Zilla. They battle an ancient dragon they released from eternal confinement. The game seems to be an adventure filled with comedy, cheesy lines, and lots of B-movie action.

We also need to mention that Doom seriously influenced Shadow Warrior 3. This assumption comes from the new gameplay style.

In addition to this news, Devolver Digital also releases Boomerang X, Essays on Empathy, Sub Rosa, Weird West, and Death’s Door this year as they promised. This year will be theirs with all the games of different genres.

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