Second Extinction: Research and Destroy New Update

Second Extinction Research and Destroy Update Available Now

What is Second Extinction: Research and Destroy?

Second Extinction:  Research and Destroy is still a work in process and costs $24.99 USD for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It also includes Xbox Game Pass. It could change in the future or be released as a final product. Only purchase if you’re happy with the current state.

A new type of multiplayer shooter

The goal is to reclaim the earth. You can team up with two friends to take on the hordes mutated dinosaurs in Second Extinction. Solo players, Second Extinction was designed for teams. Only the strong will survive.

Game Preview’s goal is simple too: To work with the community to create the best game. Your feedback is important to the team, and they want the community to play a key role in the development process.

What is there so far?

  • 4 heroes
  • 10 weapons with 5 upgrade tiers per weapon
  • 6 missions
  • Some side quests that can be done in multiple areas of the big map.

Shape the Future with the War effort feature

Each area of the big map is assigned a threat level. If enough players succeed in their missions and activities, this threat level can be decreased. The dinosaurs won’t stop working and will focus their efforts on areas you aren’t. Every week, the community will either see the results of their efforts or suffer the consequences of their incompetence. If the threat level gets out of control, you can expect an extremely difficult Emergence Event.

Second Extinction is more than just another co-op shooter. As you create the experience, you are joining us on a journey. Every mission and piece of feedback you give is important.

What new features are there from the update?

Horde Mode

Horde Mode was requested by many. Horde Mode is a blend of all they believe makes Second Extinction unique.

Players start out with a pistol and fight off ever increasing waves of dinos. Players earn credits with each kill. This allows them to access the entire roster of unlocked weapons, and equipment. If you survive long enough, you will have the chance to extract or continue fighting.

Voice Chat and Cross Play

Cross play is also being integrated. Voice chat will be available to players. Players can create and advertise lobbies on the frontend. This will make it easier for players to join groups with like-minded players across the community.


Amir’s latest hero is now an operative. Sunetra’s skills allow her to use her expertise as a biologist to help her squad pick targets with ruthless efficiency. She can also mess with their behavior to make enemies allies temporarily.

As part of the armory overhaul, you can also see Sunetra and all other heroes’ available skins. Players can now see every weapon, cosmetic and equipment available in the game.

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