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Sea of Thieves on Xbox Series X: How it performs

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Shawn Farner

When I saw Sea of Thieves would be getting an upgrade for Xbox Series X, I was immensely excited. It’s a gorgeous game, after all. On the Xbox One X, it already delivers a 4K experience that’s truly a sight to behold. Unfortunately, it does it at 30 frames-per-second. Thankfully, Sea of Thieves on Xbox Series X bumps that frame rate up, really taking things to the next level.

It’s hard to state just how much better Sea of Thieves is thanks to the increased horsepower of the Xbox Series X. The game loads much more quickly now due to the Series X’s built-in SSD. You can go from dashboard to sloop in record time.

But the game truly shines in the category of graphics. It’s a lot more responsive now. It’s much more visually stunning in its 60 FPS form. Raise the anchor on your ship, sail out to the middle of the sea, and just watch the waves crash down on top of one another. If you’ve only ever played Sea of Thieves on a console, the added realism from that increased frame rate might blow you away. Finally, you’re not just looking at “cinematic” water — it feels like you are looking at actual water.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sea of Thieves next-gen update serves as a Siren’s Song for lapsed players. It’ll be a lot faster to assemble a crew of friends, take to the seas, and search for treasure. It’ll also be a lot prettier, too.

The Sea of Thieves Xbox Series X update released on Nov. 10. Go check it out if you have the chance.