Resident Evil Village release date: May 7, 2021

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Resident Evil Village release date

The Resident Evil franchise has been all about remakes lately. Early 2019 brought us a pretty stellar remake of RE2, and the middle of 2020 served up a remake of RE3. There is another game in the series on the way in Resident Evil Village, though up until Jan. 21, 2021, we hadn’t heard much about it. On that fateful day, however, Capcom let loose with another trailer of the game and finally announced the Resident Evil Village release date.

As the trailer makes all too clear, the next mainline entry in the Resident Evil series — Resident Evil Village — will arrive on May 7, 2021. The game will support Smart Delivery, which means you’ll be able to buy the Xbox One version and then upgrade to the Xbox Series X|S version later at no extra cost.

Because Village is still a cross-gen game, you shouldn’t expect it to really push the newer Xbox hardware the way something tailor made for those systems might. With that said, what we’ve seen of it so far looks really good. Capcom has been on a hot streak and seems determined to keep that rolling.

Will this Resident Evil Village release date hold, or will it get delayed like so many other games have? That truly remains to be seen. I personally tend to believe that — during this pandemic — nothing is set in stone until the release date is a few weeks away. But even that close, some games have still been pushed back. We’ll certainly be pulling for Village to hit its May 7 release date, so fans of Resident Evil can finally dive back into that world. Should that happen, we’ll be sure to share some thoughts about the game with you.


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