Obsidian has yet another game in development

Obsidian game - The Outer Worlds

Would you believe that Obsidian — the makers of The Outer Worlds — have a fourth game in the pipeline? That’s apparently the case, according to the studio’s Josh Sawyer.

Sawyer stated on Twitter yesterday (credit to Destructoid) that he is “directing [his] own project now.” Before you say anything, Sawyer went on to note his project is “not Avowed.” So for those keeping score at home, there is the upcoming Outer Worlds DLC. There is Grounded. There is Avowed. And then there is presumably whatever Sawyer’s game is. Four projects.

Obsidian is really kicking things up a notch now that it’s part of the Xbox Game Studios family.

Sawyer didn’t elaborate on what his game is going to be, nor has anyone caught a peek at it just yet. Still, there’s a good chance it’s probably an RPG. Sawyer did direct the Pillars of Eternity titles and Fallout: New Vegas, after all.

But you know what they say about those who assume. Grounded certainly didn’t fit the typical Obsidian game mold. Perhaps Sawyer’s next title will be something no one’s expecting.

As soon as we hear more about this one, we’ll let you know.

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