Minecraft Releases How to Train your Dragon DLC

Minecraft Releases How to Train your Dragon DLC
How to Train your Dragon

Are you ready to step back into the world of Minecraft with How to Train Your Dragon (Dreamworks) vibes today?

I hope you remember how to ride a dragon because today an epic trailer was uploaded to YouTube. In the trailer, Xbox shows how awesome this DLC will be. Minecraft is the famous sandbox survival game for all ages and was released in 2011 by the publisher Mojang. Nobody knew just how creatives mods and DLC’s would become. Minecraft is easily accessible to every gamer no matter what system you choose.

What is How to Train your Dragon About

According to a plot summary on IMDB by James Hake:

In a world with dragons, this movie takes place on the island of Berk. Hiccup, son of Stoik, wants to be a dragon killer like his dad, but his dad refuses. One night on an invasion of the dragons, Hiccup catches a Night Fury, the rarest and an unseen dragon of them all to prove to his father he is worthy. But while his father is away to find the nest of the dragons, he allows Hiccup to start training to kill dragons, and at the same time, Hiccup trains with with his newly found dragon Toothless since when he was caught, lost a part of his tail. But while Hiccup tries to persuade the other vikings that the dragons are good not bad, they have a hard time believing so.

What systems can I play Minecraft on?

You can play Minecraft on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, iOS Devices, and Android Devices.

Players will adventure to the island called Berk along with other islands on the Barbaric Archipelago. Be on the lookout for your favorite characters (Vikings and Dragons) from How to Train your Dragon like Toothless and Hiccup,

Some Facts About Minecraft

  • Published by Mojang, Microsoft Studios, and Sony Entertainment
  • Over 200 Million in total sales in 2020
  • Released on November 18th, 2011
  • Single and Multi-Player
  • Main Game Modes Include: Survival, Creative, Adventure, Spectator, and Multiplayer

The Official Minecraft How to Train your Dragon DLC Trailer

We plan to give this DLC a shot and will report back with our findings!

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