Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X|S Release Date Revealed

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X|S Release Date Revealed
Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X|S release date revealed during Xbox and Bethesda showcase. A trailer also hit the event.

The tech giant announced that the immersive simulator would be coming to new generation Xbox consoles a few months ago. Although we knew that the console edition for Microsoft Flight Simulator was on its way, there were not any comments on the exact release date.

Now we know that the hyper-realistic simulator is going to arrive on Xbox Series X|S next month. The exact release date for the brilliant title from Microsoft is July 27, 2021. So the owners of Series X and Series S have to wait only a month before getting into cockpits and travel around the world. Though the game will not be coming to Xbox One.

We should also note that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be on Xbox Game Pass for Console when it launches again on Series X|S.

The huge simulator will also receive an expansion pack later this year. Top Gun: Maverick extra content will hit the game after the console edition is released. The expansion pack will go live on November 19, when the movie is in the theatres.

About Microsoft Flight Simulator

The most recent member of one of the longest-running simulation games, Microsoft Flight Simulator released back on August 18, 2020. The first game of the franchise premiered almost 39 years ago and Microsoft has been developing the series for a long time.

The last title offers a magnificent experience thanks to its technology of utilizing simulated topography, 3D photorealistic models and brilliantly designed planes. These are probably the reasons why the game is not launching on Xbox One. Even the most advanced PC systems have a hard time when it comes to launching the immersive simulator.

So we probably won’t see Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox One Edition in the future.

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