Knockout City Will Release on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in May

Knockout City Will Release on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on May
Knockout City

Knockout City will launch this month. It will be available to play on May 21 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play members.

This highly expected dodgebrawling game is here to rock based on one million downloads.

It’s Time to Crew Up!

Knockout City is not to play by yourself, join with some friends and buddy up. With your crew, you’re a much bigger threat. Coordinate and work together with your friends to charge up your passes for faster throws or give an opponent a hit.

Location is Crucial

You’ll have your run of the town on first day. Battle it out all over the city — from Rooftop Rumble to the Concussion Yard. Hit up Knockout Roundabout if you need a ride. Back Alley Brawl’s pneumatic tubes are second to none for a getaway. Wherever you choose to throw down, throw true.

You Must Choose Your Weapon

Dodgebrawl without dodgeballs is unimaginable. You’ve got your pick of the lot. With the Standard Ball, you can keep it simple or blow them away with the Bomb Ball. Trap rivals in a Cage Ball to throw them off the edge of the map or just lock-on from across the map with the Sniper Ball. You can also pick up the most dangerous weapon of the cross-play beta: the Moon Ball. Knock them sky-high for an easy pick-off or use the Moon Ball to defy gravity when you need a lift. If you run out of balls, you’ve still got one more option: become the ball yourself.

About the Knockout City story


“In this town, dodgebrawling is life. From the darkest alleys to the highest skyscrapers, brawlers clash with rival crews to attain dodgeball dominance. It’s all about skill, style, teamwork, and balls.”

Playlists for All Your Moods

Changing playlists are what keeps it interesting in KO City. Roll solo in a Face-Off match or outsmart your opponents with your crew at your back in 3v3 Team KO, 3v3 Diamond Dash, or 4v4 Ball-Up Brawl. Fancy a free-for-all? KO Chaos is waiting just for you. You have one more option. Settle it in a private match in any playlist.

You can also watch the trailer below!

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