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How to Get a Rowboat in Sea of Thieves?

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Kerem Dogan Karakoc

How to get a rowboat in Sea of Thieves? Here’s your guide on getting the vessel to travel the seas for treasures.

Sea of Thieves is an amazing game multiplayer game where you become a pirate and set sail with your friends. The game is filled with great adventures where players get to join naval battles or find treasures on mysterious islands. While it is always exciting to search for new treasures and rewards, you need a set of tools and the vessel for your adventures.

That’s where rowboats become quite essential as they allow the player to travel the ocean also store the goods found in treasures. That said, let’s dive in find out everything you need about these miniature vessels.

How to get a Rowboat in Sea of Thieves?

Players can find a rowboat on islands and dock it on their ship. These vessels are spawned on islands and can be docked on the stern of the ships. They contain cargo boxes on them so it is also possible for players to store various items. The chest of the boat can be found under the bench.

How to dock the rowboat to your ship?

  • To dock the rowboat you found on an island, you need to row it to the stern of your ship.
  • After reaching the backside of the ship, stop rowing and stand up on your boat.
  • Point at the upper side of the stern and wait for the prompt button to show up “Dock Rowboat“.
  • It is also possible to dock the rowboat on bigger ships with the help of a crewmate.
  • A crewmate on the ship can interact with the boat if they stand on the right place.

How to spin the rowboat in Sea of Thieves?

  • Players need to press LT to use the left oar and RT for the right oar. To spin the boat, you need the hold one oar under the water while pressing the other one to rotate.
  • If you wish to stop rowing, you need to hold both of the oars in the water at the same time.
  • These vessels are also used for their cargo box as they allow players to store a dozen stacks of items. Placing treasure chests or bigger items is possible as well. This feature is especially quite useful in Cargo Runs quest activity.

Rowboats are essential in most of your naval adventures. These miniature vessels were added to Sea of Thieves with the Forsaken Shores downloadable content pack. They do not spawn on ships though. So the players have to find them manually to dock them on their vessels. They are pretty useful when it comes to leaving your ship and reaching a certain landmass.

They also come in handy in places like Devil’s Roar where swimming is pretty dangerous due to erupting volcanoes and falling rocks.

Here’s everything to know about rowboats in Sea of Thieves from finding and using to docking it to your ship. Hope you found our guide useful.