How to Earn Microsoft Rewards Easily?

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While we are completing tasks, we can earn Microsoft reward points. Those reward points can use to redeem gift cards or Xbox Memberships.  That’s why all Xbox players like Microsoft Rewards. However, earning reward points can be hard sometimes. In this article, we will show how to earn Microsoft Rewards easily.

How to join the Microsoft Rewards program?

When you collect Microsoft reward points, you can use them for awesome presents. You can buy Walmart gift cards, Xbox Gold, Xbox Ultimate Membership, and Robux with your reward points. Also, people can make charitable donations for needy people. To start collecting Microsoft reward points, you need to open a Microsoft Rewards account. You can create it with this link.

After you open your Microsoft Rewards account, you can see your stats on the main page like Available Points. Also, you can see your streak count shows how many days are in rows. With those stats, you can easily track your points.

How to earn Microsoft Rewards Points

Bing Searches

Bing searches can be the easiest way of earning Microsoft Rewards Points. While you are surfing on the Internet, you need to use the bing search engine. In addition, while they are using Microsoft Edge browser, Cortana, and Windows search box, Xbox owners can generate points.  To earn points this way, you should be signed in on your devices with your Microsoft Rewards Account.

When you make Bing search regularly, you can generate 5 points per day. You can get 150 points per month if you are a level 1 member. However, if you are a level 2 member, you can generate 20 points daily. In other words, you can make 600 points every month.

Daily Sets

To collect points, when you log in on the Microsoft Rewards page, you will see a lot of quizzes and surveys which give you Microsoft Rewards points. Each of them gives you 10 points. If Xbox owners do three tasks,  they can get streak rewards. Streak reward gives players bonus points for their continuity. When people finish their daily sets daily, they can gain 30-60 points per day plus a bonus.

Microsoft Store Purchase

While they are purchasing something on Microsoft Store, People can gain Microsoft rewards points.  If you are a level 1 member, you will earn 1 point for every dollar your spend. On the other hand, level 2 members will earn 10 points for their spending. If you want to get your Microsoft rewards to point with this way, you should make sure about you signed Microsoft Store with the email associated with your Microsoft Reward account.

Refer a friend

When you recommend your friend this Microsoft Reward System, you will gain 10 points for each of your friends who join this program. You can earn up to 300 points per month. Also, you earn points for your friend’s tasks. Do not worry about this situation. This situation does not affect your friend’s earnings. If your friends are serious about completing tasks, you can earn 6000 points from your friends.

That is it. I hope that you can get Microsoft Points in these ways. If you have questions about these ways, you can write in the comment section.

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